Thursday, June 19, 2008

Great Article - "Passing Hell's Gates"

Image: Hell's Gates, Paris France

The following is an excerpt I came across today on the web:
"Most Christians today seem to imagine the Church as a sort of fortified garrison on the hill, like Minas Tirith surrounded by the black horde of orcs. A refuge, where we may all put on the armor of God and cower in the pews, secure in the knowledge that Satan will never get in. There is one small difficulty with this image: A gate is not an offensive weapon.
The idea is not that Satan will never be able to get past the gates of the Church and prevail against the Bride of Christ in her sanctuary. What ridiculous nonsense. The idea is that Christians may march out against the greatest strongholds of the evil one, and bring the legions of hell to their knees."
Author: Melinda Selmys in National Catholic Register. Go here for the full article, which I highly recommend be read in its entirety.


Josh said...

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Josh said...
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Why thank you Josh. I will stop by your blog today.