Friday, September 28, 2007

New Series: Interview on Purgatory I

An interview with Maria Simma of Austria
Maria Simma (1915-2004)
Today, very little is taught in regular catechism classes about Purgatory, about the suffering that the Poor Souls experience in order to be completely purified to be able to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Yet Purgatory does exist, and the sufferings that the Poor Souls experience there are very real.
Since 1940 (she was then aged 25), a privileged soul, named Maria Simma, has had regular visits from the souls in Purgatory to explain their sufferings and to ask for prayers and Masses to be released from Purgatory. Her local Bishop and parish priest told her she could make known these visitations as long as there were no theological errors.
One day, Sister Emmanuel Maillard, a French nun, came across Maria Simma's book, called The Souls in Purgatory told Me... and read it with great interest: “This book struck me so much because it related very recent testimonies, and also explained very well the Church's doctrine on the subject... Straight away, I wrote to the editor who told me that Maria Simma is still alive. Quickly, I contacted her, and she agreed to meet me to answer my questions, which were many!”
This interview took place in 1997 at Maria's house in Sonntag, a very lovely village in the Vorarlberg Mountains in Austria. The following are excerpts from this interview of Sister Emmanuel with Maria Simma, taken from a booklet entitled: The Amazing Secret of the Souls in Purgatory, published by Queenship Publishing Co., P.O. Box 220, Goleta, CA 93116, USA (Phone 800-647-9882, Fax: 805-967-5843)
(Source: January-February, 2004 issue of “Michael”)
Interview begins in the next post! In the mean time, pray for the Poor Souls!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Great Quotes About Purgatory

"A soul in Purgatory sees very clearly on the day of his funeral if we really pray for him, or if we
have simply made an act of presence to show we were there. The poor souls say that tears are no good for them: only prayer! Often they complain that people go to a funeral without addressing a single prayer to God, while shedding many tears; this is useless!" -Maria Simma (Will post more about her later!)

"If it were but known how great is the power of the good souls in Purgatory with the Heart of God, and if we knew all the graces we can obtain through their intercession, they would not be so much forgotten. We must, therefore, pray much for them, that they may pray much for us." - St. John Vianney


O Lord God Almighty! I beseech Thee, by the Precious Blood which Thy divine Son, Jesus, shed in the Garden, deliver the souls in Purgatory, especially the most forsaken one, and bring it into Thy glory, there to praise Thee and bless Thee forever. Amen.

Another Great Article

Ray over at Stella Borealis, has posted a great article on the only Carmelite monastic community in the world and they make great coffee! I urge you to support them to your ability.

Every Man is Become Foolish By His Knowledge...

Don't be a Fool Aid drinker!

Here is a must-read, great article by my friend, fellow blogger and Catholic philospher Paul Anthony Melanson. I encourage all of you to read and savor it!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chaplet of All Souls

(Prayer book touched by as actual soul in purgatory who appeared asking for prayers. Photo credit)

Let us never forget all the poor souls in purgatory who suffer without rest, without the slightest respite and who depend so very much on our charity! Have mercy upon them, think of them often. Offer up small sacrifices, accept all sufferings and humiliations on their behalf. I urge you to print off this simple prayer and say it, if even once! Your reward will be great in Heaven. May the Lord say to us all "I was in prison and you visited me. Come, enter into the joy prepared by my Father!"

This devotion is prayed using the Marian Rosary of 59 beads.

On the Crucifix: Psalm "Out of the Depths."
On the Our Father beads: Our Father.

On the decade beads: "O good Jesus,have mercy on the souls in purgatory or (mention name)and grant to them eternal rest.
First decade: "I offer You, my Saviour, this first decade for the souls of all of my relatives,through the Precious Blood which You shed for them in Your Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Second decade: "I offer You, my Saviour,this second decade for the souls of all those who have shown me kindness, through the Precious Blood which You shed for them in Your Scourging. O good Jesus,have mercy on them!"

Third decade: "I offer You, my Saviour, this third decade for the souls of those whom I have at any time offended, or scandalized through the Precious Blood which You shed for them in carrying Your Cross to Calvary.O good Jesus,have mercy on them!"

Fourth decade: "I offer You, my Saviour, this fourth decade for the souls of my friends, companions and benefactors through the Precious Blood which You poured forth upon the Cross, and through the sorrows which Mary, our tender Mother, endured at the foot of the Cross. O good Jesus, have mercy on them!"

Fifth decade: "I offer You, my Saviour,this fifth decade for the soul of my father and/or Mother and/or relative. I offer You, for this soul so dear to me, the Precious Blood and the sacred water from Your Heart, pierced by the lance. O good Jesus, open to this soul the gate of heaven, and grant me the grace to be reunited with them forever in the bosom of Your goodness."

Final prayer: "O good Jesus, have mercy on the soul or souls in purgatory or (mention name)and grant to them eternal rest. May eternal light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen+

Friday, September 21, 2007

Your Mother Crying for You

"Give glory to the Lord, your God, before it grows dark; before your feet stumble on darkening mountains; before the light you look for turns to darkness, changes into black clouds. If you do not listen to this in your pride, I will weep in secret many tears; my eyes will run with tears for the Lord’s flock, led away to exile." (Jer 13:16-17)

King Edward III, Son of Edward II and Queen Isabella

King Edward III, the son of King Edward II and Queen Isabella, was crowned soon after his unpopular father was deposed. Government was dominated by his mother and Le Mortimer, First Earl of March, (thought to be her lover) until the King was able to expel them at the age of seventeen. This is depicted above. Queen Isabella is on the right, begging her son, the King for mercy on behalf of Mortimer. This plea fell on deaf ears as he was put to death straightaway. The relationship between mother and son eventually was healed and Isabella lived well into her 60's well beloved by her son, King Edward III, his wife and their many children.

Queen Philippa of Hainault, consort of Edward III (1314-1369)

Philippa was born in Valenciennes (then in Flanders, now France) and was the daughter of William I, Count of Hainaut and Jeanne of Valois, the granddaughter of King Philip III of France. Theirs was a happy marriage that produced 14 children.

Like his predecessors, Edward continued to militarily interfere in Scottish politics; but he was really more interested in the Continent. Through his mother, he claimed to be heir to the French throne and so began the ‘Hundred Years War’. Chivalry reached its height at this time, with the founding of the Order of the Garter. With the help of his son, the Black Prince, Edward won many victorious battles, such as Crécy and Poitiers. These led to King John of France joining the King of Scots as Edward’s prisoner, but were, ultimately, unsuccessful in their aims. Trade prospered during Edward’s reign but life throughout the country was devastated by the Black Death.
King Edward III with his firstborn son, Edward, Prince of Wales
Better known as "The Black Prince" (1330 - 1376)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Queen Isabella of England ~ et Famille

Daughter of King Phillip IV of France and Jeanne of Navarre
Capetian French Monarchy (House of Capet)
Born c. 1295 Died August 22, 1358

King Edward the II, 1284-1327
son of King Edward I and Eleanor of Castille
House of Plantagenet
Married Isabella at Boulugne-sur-Mer on January 25, 1308

Great Book

Night Time Reading Lately
Just finished this great book. I picked this up at an airport bookstore in Newark NJ waiting for a flight to Montreal a few weeks ago. I am a great lover of the Medieval times. I'm also a terrible book buyer - endlessly perusing book stores and very rarely finding one a might actually read. Imagine my shock when I came across this beauty! My husband's jaw dropped when I told him I'd actually found something I wanted to buy! Anyway, this is not a novel, but rather a historical account of Queen Isabella of England, consort to King Edward II, mother of King Edward III who started the 100 years war with France. I find these times absolutely facsicnating and I honestly have no idea why. I thank God I found this book and this author and I plan to obtain and read each of her books.
Thank you in advance for your patience as I now post pictures of these souls who lived long ago in CATHOLIC England. May God rest their souls and I hope to meet each one in heaven.

Prayer to Our Lady of La Salette

Notre Dame de La Salette, priez pour nous.

Remember, our Lady of La Salette, true Mother of sorrows, the tears which thou didst shed for me on Calvary; be mindful also of the unceasing care which thou dost exercise to screen me from the justice of God; and consider whether thou canst now abandon thy child, for whom thou hast done so much.
Inspired by this consoling thought, I come to cast myself at thy feet, in spite of my infidelity and ingratitude. Reject not my prayer, O Virgin of reconciliation, convert me, obtain for me the grace to love Jesus Christ above all things and to console thee too by living a holy life, in order that one day I may be able to see thee in Heaven.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Great Article

Go here for an excellent article. This is a brief interview with Catholic author Paul Thigpen on the subject of hell. He has recently published a book which recounts a man's actual trip to hell and back. I simply must have this book. Let this help us to remember to pray for the salvation of souls. Amen+

Song of Solomon

"Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm; for love is strong as death..." Song of Solomon 8:6
Lord, set me as a seal upon your Sacred Heart. May my family, friends, co-workers all be found there - a seal upon Your holy and mighty arm. There is no good within me, a most wicked sinner. Only you can save me, only you can bring goodness from all the wretchedness in my mind, body and soul. Preserve me Lord, not forsake me, though to be in the pit of hell is what I deserve. Remember not my multitudes of sins, but rather remember Your mercy and save me, for redeeming sinners gives You great glory. May your mercy shine in me. Let not my parched soul perish in this vale of tears. Amen+

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Best Hissy Fit - Ever

This is shamelessly lifted from The Crescat. Simply the best spiritual "hissy fit" I've ever seen and one I could have spoken myself. I've also included the very wise response from the combox. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Statement: "My soul cries out for this, [see picture] a quiet refuge, a sense of the holy and the sacred, a place where I can go and let me soul rest. The environment does matter, damn you. It is not a reflection of my spiritual immaturity that I do not find modern ugly bare and empty churches sources of spiritual fulfillment. Nothing is lacking in me. The empty church is what is lacking. My soul hungers for the sacred. It is starving. Who would give their child a stone when they ask for bread?"
~Carolina Cannonball

Response: "Only those who consider themselves more important than God would give a child a stone when they asked for bread. They put the ugliness there specifically to keep your eyes off of God, lest you focus on Him and not them. Just as they hide the tabernacle (and Him) away so that you won't be distracted from them.They figure that if they give you stones long enough, you'll either forget that the bread exists, or just give up and quit longing for the bread. Then they'll have you.But, don't let them win. Ever."
-Tom S.

I plan to remember this one. Amen+

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sermon on Mary's Sorrows

Go here for a several part sermon on Our Lady's Sorrows by a Passionist priest. I haven't had time to listen to them, so please let me know if there's any "fuzzy thinking" in them. God bless.

Compunction of Heart

Compunction: n. the pricking of conscience. (Webster, NY. 1988)

The dignity of man requires a well-formed conscience. We are not to follow the whims of our feelings as is so popularly thought today. Each human being has the responsibility to seek the truth and conform to it. We are fortunate in the Catholic faith to have a rich and full Tradition and the Magisterial teachings from which to learn God’s Truth. As Catholics we are not to conform to this world’s ideas of “following our hearts” nor to simply “do what we think best” No – we must learn through our holy religion what is the will of God and conform our wicked selves to it.

Compunction is a word I was unfamiliar with until recently when I came across an entire chapter on the subject in Thomas à Kempis’ “Imitation of Christ” The author states clearly that compunction is to be used as way to avoid further burdening the soul with sin and in growing a vital fear of God.

“Give thyself to compunction of heart and thou shalt find devotion.
Compunction opens the way to much good, which distraction is wont
quickly to lose.”

In other words, when you feel the “pricking” of conscience associated with some sinful act, give yourself to this compunction of heart and repent. Acknowledge your sin and its wrongfulness before your God who sees and knows all. If you are not sorry for this act, ask for the grace to be sorry. Make a firm decision of amendment, say an act of contrition or simply tell God in your own words your understanding of the wrongness of your action.

Yes, we must trust in God’s mercy but we must temper our trust with fear of God’s judgment. It is often related to this generation how former generations focused far too much on God’s fearful judgment, instilling the fear of hell as a means to teach and instruct others to strive for virtue. It would seem in these times the pendulum has swung to an over-emphasis on God’s mercy. Yes, our Lord is merciful, but He is equally just. This equates to a balance that is oft missing in our understanding of sin and our way of living. If we trust in God’s mercy to the point that we blindly believe we can do anything, even the worst of sins and He’ll just happily invite us to heaven after death is a grave misunderstanding of God.

If we follow our hearts blindly and without proper formation according to God’s ways – ignoring the prick of compunction, we run a grave risk of joining the many who enter upon the wide road that leads to destruction. Try as I might I cannot improve upon Kempis’ words:

“The subjects for just grief and interior compunction are our
vices and sins, in which we lie entangled in such a manner
as seldom to be able to contemplate heavenly things. If thou
wouldst oftener think of thy death than of a long life, no doubt
thou wouldst more fervently amend thyself. And if thou didst
seriously consider in the heart the future punishment of hell or
purgatory, I believe thou wouldst willingly endure labor and pain
and fear no kind of austerity.

Because these things reach not the heart, and we still love the things
Which flatter us, therefore we remain cold and very sluggish. If is
Oftentimes a want of spirit which makes the wretched body so easily
Complain. Pray, therefore, humbly to Our Lord, that He may give
Thee the spirit of compunction, and say with the prophet, “Feed me,
O Lord, with the bread of tears and give me drink of tears in measure.”

Let us strive to pray, to study our holy Catholic religion, confess our sins often and listen to that faint voice, that mildly painful prick of conscience that bids us to walk through the narrow gate, which leads to heaven.

(Source: My Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis. Published by the
Confraternity of the Precious Blood, Brooklyn, NY. 1954)

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On the Lighter Side...

The Dreaded One Word Meme from The Crescat;
1. Yourself: Poor Sinner
2. Your spouse: Strength
3. Your hair: Long
4. Your mother: Heroic
5. Your father: Patient
6. Your favourite item: Crucifix
7. Your dream last night: Exhausted
8. Your favorite drink: Bloody Mary
9. Your dream car: Toyota SUV
10. The room you are in: Office
11. Your ex: Pity
12. Your fear: Mortal Sin
13. What you want to be in 10 years: Holier
14. Who you hung out with last night: Husband
15. What you’re not: Bored
16. Muffins: Bran
17. One of your wish list items: Malta
18. Time: Short
19. The last thing you did: Prescribe
20. What you are wearing: Lab Coat
21. Your favorite weather: Autumn
22. Your favorite book: Bible
23. The last thing you ate: Bagel
24. Your life: Blessed
25. Your mood: Bright
26. Your best friend: Husband
27. What you’re thinking about right now: God
28. Your car: RAV4
29. What you are doing at the moment: Meme
30. Your summer: Full
31. Your relationship status: Joyful!
32. What is on your TV: Catholic
33. What the weather is like: Humid
34. When was the last time you laughed: Today
Tagging Everyone!

Mary Take Over

The following is a reportedly miraculous prayer. Please be patient with me in my scant posting as I'm rather overwhelmed with family (read: hectic multiple children's schedules with school starting) and work (read: new job, my practice seems to be exploding - praise God!) Let us all support one another in prayer:

Mary, take over and resolve what I am not able to resolve. Take care of those things that are beyond my reach. You have the power to do so. Who can ever say that he was disappointed in you after having called you?
Mother, take over at this moment when I see nothing, when there does not seem to be any light in the tunnel, this moment of doubt, fear, this hour of making the right decision when everything seems to be going against me. Amen+

Monday, September 3, 2007

Great Article

Go here for a great article written by Bishop Donald Montrose. In it the Good Bishop summarizes with great wisdom the evils of New Age and all spiritist practices and clearly states their satanic origin. I also especially recommend the paragraph on The Catholic Home. We all must have our homes and our lives consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We must seek shelter about the Ark of the New Covenant ~Mary, as the darkness rises in this world.

We must also pray for the souls about to be lost, pray that they be granted the graces neccessary for a perfect contrition before death - for that is enough to save them from eternal damnation. Remember what Mary said at Fatima: "Many souls go to hell because there is no one to pray for them." God will greatly reward those who help in the cause of saving souls in Heaven.