Thursday, July 5, 2007

Heaven's Promises ~ Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel

We should all do everything in our power to follow the General of God's army!

Origin: One day St. Michael Archangel appeared to devotee Servant of God Antonia De Astónac. The Archangel told the nun that he wished to be honored through recitation of nine salutations. These nine salutations correspond to the nine choirs of angels. The chaplet consists of one Our Father and three Hail Mary in honor of each angelical choir.

Promises: To those that practice this devotion in his honor, St. Michael promises great blessings:

1. To send an angel from each angelical choir to accompany the devotees at the time of Holy Communion.

2. Additionally, to those that recite these nine salutations every day, it assures them that they will enjoy his continuous assistance. That is to say, during this life and also after

3. Furthermore, they will be accompanied by all the angels and together with all their loved ones, they will be freed from Purgatory.

Practice: In the chaplet all nine choirs of angels are invoked. After each invocation 1 Our Father and 3 Hail Mary's are said. It is recommended to offer this chaplet for the Church, so that it may be defended from all the attacks of the demon, and for those alienated from God. There are many beautiful and pious invocations and prayers associated with the saying of this chaplet. Learn more about it here.

Go here to purchase the Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel.


swissmiss said...

Very interesting post. Gave me chills to think angels would be there to escort you to Communion. Other than this being an incredible honor, what is the reason for this? Sorry for the dumb question, but are there (spiritual) reasons the angels are there...are they there to protect you more than escort you?

Sanctus Belle said...

Well, I am no theologian or angel expert - but my simple understanding from reading several lives of the saint's experiences with their own angel guardians are they (angels) do far more for us than we realize. They indeed do escort us to Holy Communion. They will place our prayers and offerings upon the altar to be offered in Heaven. They will also carry out many of our pious requests according to the will of God ie: pray for us, go visit people we pray for, adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for us and bring to Him our requests.

St. Faustina told a story which I'll briefly paraphrase "Every time I pass by the chapel I send my angel guardian in to the Tabernacle with my requests and by the time I'm half down the hall he catches back up with me"

As an aside, the chaplet of St. Michael is approved by the Church and I'm quite certain he keeps his promises. I would not be the least surprised if one were to say this chaplet daily that Michael himself would walk by your side and pray for you as you approach Our Lord in Holy Communion.

El Duque said...

Hi Belle,
Thanks for another great devotional post! I have been making St. Michael Chaplets for about 15 years now and giving them away, so it's nice to see someone else getting the word out about this devotion. As for St. Michael, I am sure that he has been given many gifts for his faithfulness. After all the one who stands against faithlessness with the cry (that becomes his name) of Who is like unto God is surely able to answer our prayers at part of the communion of Saints. Plus remember that Pope Leo penned a prayer that we still pray during our rosary and after our masses every day. This great devotional I think is a means for doing spiritual battle against the "principalities and powers" that are our true enemies as St. Paul tells us.

Anonymous said...

Dear reader,

I had a chaplet of St. Michael with the medal of St. Benedict which broke. This was bought over twenty yeas ago. I lost the address and would very much like to get one again. Most have a medal of St. Michael. The other day I found a posting of the chaplet with a phone number. But apparently the number is not in service. The name is -
Oblates of Saint Benedict
Saint Scholastica Mission House
24OO Maple Avenue
Lisle, Illinois 6O532


Oblates of Saint Benedict
24 W 350 Maple
Naperville, Illinois 60540


(I'm reliably informed this address will get to Sister Helen, who makes the Rosaries of Saint Michael and All Angels, faster.)

Can anyone please help Me? Thanks in advance. Mercedes

Anonymous said...

I encourage everyone to pray this Chaplet, I am a sinner and servant of God Almighty, and thus the Demon has been tormenting me sending different demons, The Chaplet of St. Michael has proven to be an enormious relief in the battle, and slowly in this painful purification, I've been experiencing what it contains..I thank God for letting these attacks happen, for in the flame of Pain i've found the very essence of Pure Faith, when there is no light you can see, No comfort to feel. no voice to encourage, in the desert of solitude...when everything seems lost. Believe..

Arm yourself with this Chaplet along the Most Holy Rosary, and the enemy will not be able to touch you. I constantly feel the presence of the Holy Angels around me specially during and after an attack. Brothers in Christ if i could only do something to mend the guilt for my sins, I would beg you to have Daily Communion and embrace the moment you recieve the Lord TRULY present in the consecrated Host. If angel's could be jealous towards men for a reason, that would be Holy Communion. It is the Creator of the Universe, the Same Jesus Christ that died for you 2008 years ago, in that piece of Bread.....Talk to Him, Tell Him what afflicts you, Talk to Him about what you need, and after that keep silent and let Him embrace you...embrace the Lord in your Heart with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength...What sublime moment in which Creator and creature become One. Praise be to you Oh Lord of Hosts! I offer you Father the Precious Blood of your Son Jesus, being offered in all the Masses throughout the World, for everyone who reads this, for my own Sins and those of the World. Specially for those Souls under the attack of Satan and his demons...Strength Lord! Give is Strength to endure the battle against the powers and dominators of this world! and some day call us upon You to sing the Eternal Praises along the Saints forever and ever Amen.

Peter said...

A few months ago, I too, took up the Chaplet of St. Michael to honor his service and that of all the Angels to the Lord Our God. I humbly ask for their intercession that I may be guided in faith in order to gain the grace of perseverance so that I may one day join my dearly departed parents in the Kingdom of God. Oh Michael may I continue to humbly beseech thy protection all the days of my life.

Mary Eva said...

I accept, without doubt The Chaplett of St. Michael of which I just finished reciting for the first time ( I found this sincere act of Contrition in a very old copy of the PIETA prayer booklet), and felt so drawn to pray it. I read afterwards a paragraph following the prayer that Chaplets of St. Michael may be obtained from the Oblates of St. Benedict and given address of 24 W. 350 Maple, Naperville Illinois with a telephone #.. I just wanted to get in communication withs someone there....I know that Angels exist, my own guardian angel I have felt its presence, warnings, guidance and I have sent forth during prayer at night to be with my sons/daughter during trials, illnesses and hold them for me while they were away at college and afterwards . I know he love and mercy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary...and an angel that has lovingly been assigned to each of us...we just need to get to know and pray to and for them also.
Satan is doing its darnest to keep us from Jesus/Mary and relishes in joy when we fill ourselves with doubt, question and evil...Lets banish him from any dominion in any parts of our lives, thoughts, our homes or our ways...Join me in accepting all Prayers that will rid us of Satan's attempts at taking us away from Jesus...MARY EVA from Texas 8/27/2010