Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Great Book - "Gold Dust"

A Really Great Book

My husband and I recently spent a week in Halifax Nova Scotia. We spent one entire afternoon - not boating in the harbor, not visiting the numerous vinyards, inns or lighthouses - but rather in a dusty old used bookshop. This is one of those great places where the books are stacked to the ceiling and you can't even see the ones on the bottom shelves because there are books stacked on the floor obscuring them. Being the true Catholic geeks that we are we asked for the religion section and were ushered up two flights of stairs to the very far back corner. I figured in our modern "enlightened" and largely pagan society I'd find all sorts of classic or antique Catholic books that had been long since cast off. Oddly enough, I found a TON of protestant books (mostly Anglican) but very few Catholic ones. We did purchase several that we found, among them one absolute treasure called Gold Dust. I have been reading it most nights before lights out and couldn't resist sharing this book's wisdom with you.

The aim of this little book is to help the reader go grow in holiness by offering little snippets of wise advise, holy admonitions and spiritual direction - aimed to the layperson. It was published originally in France, this is the first English Edition and is part of a series of Catholic books called Altemus' Devotional Series (originally 50 cents each!). Publisher's name is Henry Altemus who's company was in Philadelphia.

The part I'll focus on for now is a collection of meditations for prior to Holy Communion and consist of hearing Jesus speak to your soul as you prepare to receive Him in the Sacrament of the Altar:
"My child, it is not wisdom I require of thee, it sufficeth if thou lovest Me well."
"Speak to Me as thou wouldst talk to thy mother if she were here, pressing thee to her heart."
"Hast thou none for whom thou wouldst intercede? Tell me the names of thy kindred and thy friends; and at the mention of each name add what thou wouldst have Me do for them. Ask much fervently; the generous hearts that forget themselves for others are very dear unto Me."
"Tell me of the poor thou wouldst succor, the sick thou hast seen suffering, the sinful thou wouldst reclaim, the estranged thou wouldst receive to thy heart again. Pray fervently for all mankind. Remind Me of My promise to hear all prayers that proceed from the heart; and the prayer offered for one who loves us, and is dear to us, is sure to be heartfelt and fervent."
More soon...May Mary's prayers go with you always!


swissmiss said...

This is quite beautiful. I always offer up whatever I have and pray for my intentions at the consecration. This snippet is very consoling and inspiring. It brings Jesus very close, very humble, very loving. It's touching that He is almost begging us to ask Him to hear and answer our prayers.

I was in one of those old dusty bookstore years ago, although I was on the other side of Canada, up on Vancouver Island. Would love to to to Nova Scotia.

Sanctus Belle said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. This meditation is THE most beautiful one I've come across. It is so simple, so intimate and expresses so fully how open and child like we are to be with our Lord.

And Nova Scotia is a wonderful place to visit - I highly recommend a visit to Halifax to everyone. There are great vinyards and wineries, restaurants and non-tourist trap attractions everywhere. Another place I'd love to visit is Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. And don't forget the greatest city on earth - Montreal! There's so many treasures in our neighbor to the North!