Thursday, July 19, 2007

Conversations with Jesus III

Meditation Before Holy Communion Continued

"Hast thou no interests which occupy thy mind?"

"Tell Me of them all....Of thy vocation. What dost thou think? What dost thou desire? Wouldst thou give pleasure to thy mother, thy family, those in authority over thee? What wouldst thou do for them?"

"And for Me has thou no ardor? Dost thou not desire to do some good to the souls of those thou lovest, but who are forgetful of Me?"

"Tell Me of one in whom thou has interest; the motive that actuates; the means thou wouldst employ."

"Lay before Me thy failures, and I will teach thee the cause."

"Whom wouldst thou have to help thee? The hearts of all are in My keeping, and I lead them gently wheresoever I will. Rest assured, all who are needful to thee, I will place around thee."

"Oh! My child, tell Me of all thy weariness: who has grieved thee? treated thee with contempt? wounded thy self-love? Tell Me all, and thou wilt end by saying, all is forgiven, all forgotten...and I, surely I will bless thee!"

We can learn from these very wise, very holy words that we are to be as children and lay ourselves, our very souls open before Our Lord Jesus. Our King wishes to save His people! All we must do is turn to Him in simplicity, honesty and trust! He longs to give us rest, to heal our wounds, to grant us endless graces. I urge to you think on these words as you approach Our Lord in Holy Communion next. Amen+


Anita Moore said...

That sounds like a great book! Can you give more info as to author and publisher?

Sanctus Belle said...

Sorry, forgot to leave the source on that post. Title of the book is Gold Dust. Published by Altemus Press, Philadelpha PA 1897. There is no author listed, but rather an editor, Charlotte Yonge, from the original French version (this is the english translation) I've posted more on the book in previous posts if you'd like more info!