Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What is this blog about?

Devotion to Mary's sorrows has long been a favorite among Catholics. You do not need to be Catholic however to relate to Mary as a sorrowful mother. Although she was and is the Holy Mother of God she is also human, like us in all things except sin. She suffered greatly during her earthly exile and now resides in Heaven, where she intercedes and pleads for mercy before the throne of the Most High - on our behalf. She will reward generously with her prayers on our behalf all our devotion to her.

Keeping our minds on Mary's sorrows greatly assists us in keeping our minds on the suffering of Jesus. Mary is the surest, safest and quickest route to her Son and devotion to His Mother pleases Him greatly. He who loves His Mother, loves Him. Anyone with a lively devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary will tell you this.

I for my part, intend to daily (or nearly daily) place a small, easily read and absorbed devotion, writing and image to assist those who visit here in thier devotion to Mary and her sorrows. I also intend to post regularly regarding assisting the Holy Souls in purgatory. The Church Suffering is too much neglected by us in these days!

It is not my intention to debate anyone about matters of faith, nor am I a Catholic apologist. I am simply a lay Catholic who is trying to save her sorry soul by relying totally on my Heavenly Mother and the Church for help. I welcome those who wish to learn more about these two pious devotions (Mary's Sorrows and the Holy Souls) to visit here regularly and pray with me and for me if you have but a moment. May Mary's prayers go with you always!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! I've just meditated upon the Seven Sorrows of Mary that I found here today, Friday, of the fourth week of Lent, 2011.

What an exceptional blog--no doubt, my Guardian Angel agrees since, surely, I was led here.

God Bless.