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Mary's Sorrows - Visions of St Bridget I

Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden
(1303 - 1373)
(Source: Revelations of St. Bridget by TAN Books)
St. Bridget of Sweden, also known by the name St. Birgitta, was born in June of 1303 in Finsta, Uppland Sweden. She was the fifth child of Birger Persson and Ingeborg Bengsdottir, both parents having the repuation of a devout and holy life.
St. Bridget's birth was accompanied by prophetic signs. Ingeborg barely escaped drowning just prior to her birth and after this, an angel appeared to her, informing her that she was saved because of her unborn child. "Bring her up in the love of God, for she is His gift to you."
St. Bridget was wise beyond her years from her earliest youth. She recieved her first divine vision at the age of seven: a beautiful lady offered her a crown, when she accepted it, it was put upon her head and could be felt by her physical body. At the age of ten she was graced with a vision of Christ Crucified with blood streaming from his holy wounds.
St. Bridget's mother died when she was but 11. At the age of 13 she entered into a marriage arranged by her father to an 18 year old man named Ulf who is described as "rich, noble and wise." Bridget had long since given her heart to her Lord, but married in sorrow to fulfill her father's will for her, which she took to be the will of God himself. God blessed this couple with eight children, one of which was destined to become a saint as well - St. Katherine of Sweden, also known as St. Karin.
St. Bridget was widowed in the year 1343 after which time this holy servant of God entered into a life of penance with much fasting, vigils and asceticism. Her mystical visions became frequent and the Lord revealed to her that she was to become His bride and to perform the task of informing the world of His warnings and messages. She founded the Bridgettine order which gives special honor to Our Lady.
The next several postings here will focus on St. Bridget's mystical visions and the messages relayed to her directly from Our Lord and His Holy Mother, focusing specifically on Mary's sorrows and the Passion. I encourage all to purchase a copy of the book containing this writings of St. Bridget, it is very inexpensive and contains a treasure of spiritual material, available here.
St. Bridget moved to Rome at Our Lord's request in the year 1350. She was a contemporary of St. Catherine of Siena and with her was instrumental in the return of the Holy See to its rightful place in Rome from Avignon France. She died after 20 years of charitible work and miracles in Rome. She was canonized on July 23, 1391 and was declared the Patron Saint of Sweden in 1396. Pope John Paul II also made her co-patroness of Europe during his reign as the Holy Father.
Prayer of St. Bridget
We pray thee, O most clement Virgin Mary,
Queen of the world and of angels, to obtain relief
for those whom the fire of Purgatory tries,
pardon for sinners, perserverance in good for the just,
and also defend us weak brethren from menacing danger.
Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord who lives and reigns with The Father
in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.

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