Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Lady of Sorrows at the Hour of our Death

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This right here, the picture above - this is precisely what I hope and pray for with all my being to take place at the hour of my death. A rosary in my hand, her scapular around my neck, Mary helping me to press the cross of Jesus to my dying lips that I may breathe forth my soul in her blessed presence. There is no grace greater than that of a happy death.
DO NOT FORGET: One of the promises of devotion to Mary's Sorrows is what this picture depicts! She will come to you, right to your side and you will SEE HER FACE and be personally assisted by her at your death. To better know how great a grace this is, read the following:
"Three awful thoughts cross the mind of a dying sinner: the vision of his past life with all its sins; the vision of the future and the inevitable punishment to come; the vision of the present and the divine justice from which he cannot escape. The judgment commences on the death bed. It is the opinion of theologians that man is judged in the actual spot where he dies. Ah! if the day of death were the day of divine justice only, it would too often be a dreadful day. But it is also Mary’s day and for that reason it is a day of mercy and rejoicing. To counteract discouragement, Mary places three consoling visions before the eyes of the dying: the thought of the past and all the favors received from her; the vision of Paradise where she reigns as Queen; and even, as has frequently occurred, her presence at death beds. No matter what temptation assails the child of Mary, he is strengthened and consoled by his heavenly Mother."

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