Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Missing Holy Relic

"I saw the Blessed Virgin’s wedding-ring; it is neither of silver nor of gold, nor of any other metal; it is dark in color and iridescent; it is not a thin narrow ring, but rather thick and at least a finger broad. I saw it smooth and yet as if covered with little regular triangles in which were letters. On the inside was a flat surface. The ring is engraved with something. I saw it kept behind many locks in a beautiful church. Devout people about to be married take their wedding-rings to touch it. " ~Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich from "The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary"

Does anyone know of this ring? Where is it and are there any pictures of it? My searching has come up empty...
By the way...the picture above is a drawing made from the highly detailed description of the wedding clothes of the Blessed Virgin Mary as related from the visions of Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich. You can read this account in THIS book. These are traditional jewish wedding clothes from the time.


Anonymous said...

The ring is in the Cathedral of Perugia

Cleghornboy said...

Sanctus, I would keep in mind that Emmerich was a mystic and may have been seeing some sort of mystical imagery rather than an actual ring. Then again, one never knows. And I certainly would never question this great and holy woman.

You might want to try the good people at http://www.guardiansofholy

Bon chance!

LittleLamb said...

I have never heard of Mary's ring before either! I am guessing it is one of those relics that is lost to history and time or one that is hidden away somewhere - like the Holy Grail and the Ark.

Sanctus Belle said...

Paul, I hear you there but I tend to give great credence to Anne Catherine's visions as it was from her visions and descriptions that the home of the Blessed Virgin Mary was found. I'm sure you knew that.

LittleLamb: The holy grail may be lost, but it may have never been lost. In fact there is some evidence that it resides in a church in Spain and John Paul II celebrated mass with it and our current Holy Father has also venerated it.

Maria thank you for the site but unfortunately I don't read italian so I can't find anything about it on that church's website. Wiki makes no mention of her ring. Anyone else???

Vincenzo said...

I went through some of the links and found this image at that site - maybe this is it?