Thursday, January 10, 2008

In the Image of Christ

to be passed over,
passed by…
is when understanding
may begin.
yet the pavement
is still not
low enough
for me.
I do not take any credit for this picture or quote, but rather give it all to Terry over at Abbey Roads2. Here in Minnesota I must say I very rarely in my entire life have ever seen a beggar. I don't know if that's about the economy here or the weather. Minnesota simply would not be habitable for the homeless given the extremity of our cold in winter. However, I am moved with every trip to Montreal (my husband's home city) where beggars abound. There my husband and I can never keep any money on us as we give it all away. Let us not forget to pray and give alms to the poor. It is not for us to judge their intent, nor what they will do with the alms. It is sufficient to be generous with what God gives us and to pray for them as you give to them. The Lord can give graces to the receiver which could help them in ways we cannot imagine. We must always and everywhere strive to see Jesus in everyone around us, especially the poor and homeless. Amen+


Carol said...

I don't usually carry cash, but if I have food with me, I have offered that. It's sometimes hard when you have to gather change for your own family to get something extra. But I understand what you are saying.
I am in a northern state, which is very cold this time of year also. In the summer you can see "tent homes" down by the rivers augmented by cardboard and tarps. I have noticed them not there now. I think they go one of the many homeless shelters set up here in the city to make it through the winter.

Anna B. said...


Easter Almuena said...

Oh I see my dear friend Carol here... so wonderful! Anyway, I like this post, Sanctus Belle!
We have many homeless here in our part of the world. Our weather is favourable to their survival. In fact, many of them were brought to our state. Our state and all churches are united in their efforts to feed them, provide shelter for them as well in finding ways and means to provide jobs for them. The sad truth about homelessness in our state is that many of them desire to remain homeless.

CJ Sweet said...

I just found your blog and I love it. I couldn't agree more with what you posted here today. God bless you!

Terry Nelson said...

A belated thank you for the link!

Downtown Minneapolis has beggars - I think it is more common in the larger cities.

swissmiss said...

When I lived in Seattle, there were a lot of beggars downtown and sometimes they could be aggressive. A friend of mine used to bring them food (many lived under the numerous raised bridges). In St. Paul/Mpls, I've seen them on the on/off ramps. There is one fellow who works the off-ramp from 35W to Randolph. My MIL used to work at the shelter in downtown St. Paul. It truly is amazing how many people are homeless.