Friday, June 1, 2007

The Burial of Jesus III

"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (Mt 27:46)
After Our Lady said her final farewell to her Divine Son Jesus, St. Bonaventure states: "her sisters veiled her like a widow, almost covering her face." He also says that, "passing by the cross still dripping with the blood of her Son on her return from the tomb, Mary was the first to adore it. 'O holy cross,' she said, 'I kiss you, I adore you! You are no longer and instrument of torture, but a throne of love and an altar of mercy. You have been consecrated by the blood of the divine Lamb, immolated on you for the salvation of the world.'"
She and those others present left the cross and went home. When Mary arrived there, she faced the reality that Jesus was not there. She would face this every day for the remainder of her earthly life. Think about it: she remembered nursing Him as an infant, teaching Him his prayers, all those precious yet ordinary scenes from everyday life, conversations they had, the deep affection between them. She did not have Joseph at her side to comfort her. She was alone, bereft of her immediate family. She was now a part of the household of St. John, and this must have been a comfort, but certainly not the never could this be the same. We can picture Our Lady, her heart full of sadness turn to St. John and ask him, "John, tell me, where is your Master?" Perhaps she turned to St. Mary Magdalen and said, "Tell me, where is your beloved? O God, who has taken Him from us?" Mary wept bitterly, and all who were with her certainly wept with her.
Meditating on this sad time in Our Sorrowful Mother's life, let us say with St. Bonaventure: "And you, my soul, do you not weep also? Let us turn to our Lady and say, 'O my own sweet Lady, I am the one to weep. You are innocent, I am guilty." Beg her to allow you to weep with her. We should weep for our sins, for they are the cause of all this suffering.
Most loveable queen, I desire to love you in heaven. There, at your feet, I shall understand better how worthy you are of love and how much you have done to save me; and then I shall love you with even greater love. I shall love you eternally, without fear of ever ceasing to love you. O Mary, with your help, I am certain of being saved. Pray to Jesus for me. Nothing else is needed. Be my salvation. Amen+
(Source: The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus de Ligouri)


Unknown said...

Where do you get all your "subjects", Sanctus.

I had 12 years of parochial education, Mass and religion every day, and I have never heard of most of the things you post on.

Wonderful contribution.

Sanctus Belle said...

Well, my subjects are usually the sorrows of Mary and Purgatory. I site my sources which I use as my guide. I'm trying to make each post, my whole blog actually a prayer and a meditation to be shared with anyone who happens by my lil' ol' blog.

I try to often quote saints and this last series is all from the book "The Glories of Mary" by St. Alphonsus de Ligouri. My first series was on The Revelation of St. Bridget of Sweden. Next I think I'll draw from Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich.

Micki said...

I'm another follower of you "lil' ol' blog." Always find inspiration here.
Wanted to add that if you ever want to use any of my holy cards, feel free to help yourself.

Sanctus Belle said...

Thanks Micki! I might just take you up on that offer.