Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Heaven's Promises ~ Two Divine Promises

The Two Divine Promises are a powerful devotion relying on God's Mercy which originated with revelations in Poland in 1954 and which spread worldwide. Tapping into the primary sources of grace – the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Holy Communion and prayer – the Two Divine Promises are a sure way and a true method for growth in holiness and an increase of graces for ourselves and others. A booklet by one Fr. Hoppe shows the relationship of the Two Divine Promises to three other 20th-century revelations of God's Mercy and gives advice on how best to practice this pious devotion, plus he gives numerous testimonies from lay Catholics who have received from it tremendous spiritual benefits. Fr. Hoppe's own challenge – just to try this devotion is to believe in it wholeheartedly – is undoubtedly the best recommendation one can possibly make for the Two Divine Promises.

PROMISE 1: "Each priest who worthily offers the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for 30 consecutive days and, in addition, makes the Stations of the Cross daily, will receive for himself: and another soul selected by him, the assurance of eternal salvation."
PROMISE 2: "Likewise, each individual who will receive Holy Communion worthily for 30 consecutive days, and will recite one Our Father and Hail Mary for the welfare of the Holy Catholic Church, will receive for himself and one other soul selected by him, the assurance of eternal salvation." -----Words of Our Lord to an anonymous Polish soul

In this devotion we are merely employing the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Blessed Eucharist and a few extra prayers-----the normal means Our Lord has established for the welfare of our souls and our eternal salvation. The important question here is whether God has in fact bound Himself to grant the results which this devotion claims for itself. Again, we cannot know for sure. We must simply leave that to Him in His great mercy and wait until eternity to find out. At any rate, there cannot be found within this devotion anything displeasing, as God wishes us to pray, receive Communion and what would He want more than the salvation of souls?

(Source: "The Two Divine Promises" by TAN Books and Publishers, link above.)

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Anita Moore said...

One thing is certain: frequent Communion bears amazing fruits, even before you know it. I hope it never becomes impossible to attend Mass and receive Communion daily.