Monday, June 4, 2007

Great Article

Everyone needs to read this great blog post by Catholic Evangelist Mark Mallet.

We must watch and pray, pray we are numbered among Christ's sheep so we do not become prey for the wolves.


swissmiss said...

Santus Belle;
Thanks for the link, just read it. Things like that are kind of disturbing. I used to have some friends who would always talk about the dire things that are supposed to happen and send me information about it, too. After awhile I just couldn't read the stuff, it was so depressing and to constantly be of that mindset was just not good for me. Father Altier spoke on things like this (end times) and numerous times implored us to pray at least 30 minutes a day or we would be lost. For me, I had to set aside a lot of the "doom and gloom" and concentrate on trying to have a better relationship with God and Mary, thinking more positive thoughts about God's mercy and Our Lady's protection. I think we need a healthy balance of both...can't just be looking over your shoulder, nor can you stick your head in the sand.

BTW: Am still having a heck of a time getting to your blog. The only thing that has worked so far is to get on Ray's blog and access the link he has to you. Very odd!

Sanctus Belle said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly Swiss! I am not a "gloom and doom" person. I have always been of the mind that you live each day as if its your last (to the best of one's ability), stay right with God and be ready. Even if "the end" doesn't come soon, MY end will come soon and I must be prepared.

That said, we must also be aware of the signs of the times, Our Lord said we were to pay attention to them - not the obsession, but aware nonetheless. Mark Mallet has such a precise way of writing and summarizing these times, that it why I posted the link. God Bless+

swissmiss said...

Sorry to post this here, but wanted to let you know that I think the problem getting on your site is on my end. I have a slow dial-up connection and insufficient hard drive gig to handle all the pics on your blog, plus for some reason, my accelerator has to be disabled to load your page. If I try to get on the Roving Medievalist, that blog totally locks up my computer because of all the pics. Maybe Santa will bring me a new computer! Didn't want to you worry that something was can choose not to post is as a comment.

Sanctus Belle said...

Yeah, I have a high speed wireless and I even load my blog and the Roving Medievalist slowly. I've purposely put alot of pictures on my blog as I'm a very visual person and I believe we need visual aids to help in devotion and prayer.