Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back Home!

Hello all! We are back from the trip to Chicago. Thanks be to God we returned safe and sound without a single airline/airport issue or complication. My husband and I did indeed get to the Basilica once for Sunday mass. This is truly a beautiful place, but sadly the neighborhood surrounding it has become rather dilapidated. I took lots of pictures (above is not one of them) but have to find the time to upload them to my computer and if they turned out well will post them as soon as I have time.
The mass was simple and beautiful. What you can't see in the pictures I've posted are the many original paintings. There's a fabulous one of Pope Pius XII placing a crown on the Basilica and one of each of Mary's seven sorrows. I ran around furiously clicking my camera while our taxi waited outside. The Servite priest spoke with us afterwards and was very kind. He enrolled my husband in the Black Scapular and talked with us about the history of the Basilica. He asked me for the address of my blog and I hope, Father if you make it here you will leave me a comment!

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swissmiss said...

I'm looking forward to your pictures. Now there is another church I need to visit (aside from St. John Cantius) in Chicago! Beautiful!