Friday, March 9, 2007

Holy Water II

Holy Water a Means of Spiritual Wealth
July 1986, Volume IX, Number 7)

Holy water is a sacramental that remits venial sin. Because of the blessing attached to it, Holy Church strongly urges its use upon her children, especially when dangers threaten, such as fire, storms, sickness and other calamities. Every Catholic home should always have a supply of holy water in it. We do not take advantage of the benefits derived from holy water.


Untold spiritual wealth is concentrated in a tiny drop of blessed water. And we give it so little thought! If we would but realize now, as we shall realize after death, the many benefits which may be derived from holy water, we would use it far more frequently, and with greater faith and reverence. Holy water has great power and efficacy derived from the prayers of the Church, which the Holy Trinity accepts always.
Following are some of the petitions the priest may makes to god when he blesses water:
"O God . . . grant that this creature of Thine (water) may be endowed with Divine grace to drive away devils and to cast out diseases, that whatever in the houses or possessions of the faithful may be sprinkled by this water, may be freed from everything unclean, and delivered from what is hurtful . . . Let everything that threatens the safety or peace of the dwellers therein be banished by the sprinkling of this water; so that the health which they seek by calling upon Thy Holy Name may be guarded from all assault."
These prayers ascend to Heaven evert time you take holy water and sprinkle a drop in a place, bless yourself or another, whether they are present or not. Be assured, God's blessing will descend for both body and soul.
Other Qualities of Holy Water
Dispel the Devil: The devil hates holy water because of its power over him. He cannot long abide near a person or in a place that is often sprinkled with this blessed water. Holy water, sprinkled with faith and piety, can move the Sacred Heart to bless your loved ones and protect them, even at a distance, from attacks to soul or person. When worried or fearful, go to a holy water font at Church or at home. Give those whom you wish the benefit of the Church's prayers.
The Holy Souls Long For It: Only in Purgatory will we understand how ardently a poor soul longs for the relief of holy water. If we desire to make a host of intercessors for ourselves, let us try to often remember their yearnings, and often assist them at the holy water font. The holy souls nearest to Heaven may need the sprinkling of only one drop offered for thier benefit so they may attain the Beatific Vision!
Remits Venial Sins: Because holy water is one of the Church's sacramentals, it remits venial sin. Keep your soul beautifully pure before God by making the Sign of the Cross carefully while saying: "By this holy water and by Thy Precious Blood wash away all my sins, O Lord."
Keep holy water in your homes, use it every morning. Carry a small amount in your purse, your pocket. Bless your car, your house, and especially any airplane you travel on. Bless every ATM machine you use and ask the Lord to convert and save every person who uses it. Be creative and generous with this holy sacramental!
O most Just Judge, look down I beseech Thee, from Thy throne in Heaven upon me, a poor sinner, and for the sake of Thine infinite compassion be merciful to me in the day of final judgement. I know that I shall not be able to stand in that dread day, but by Thy just sentence I shall condemned to eternal damnation. Yet I know also that if a sinner implores mercy of Thee in a time of grace, it will not be denied him! Therefore I entreat Thee with deep humility and contrition through, Thy bitter passion, that Thou wouldst pardon my sins and pass a lenient sentence upon me in the Day of Judgement. Amen+
(Source: The Last Four Things. Fr. Martin von Cochem, by TAN Books)


Anita Moore said...

For Lent, I started keeping holy water in my car for use on empty holy water fonts.

There is absolutely NO reason to put up with empty holy water fonts, or worse, holy water fonts filled with rocks or sand during Lent. Get holy water, dump the sand and fill the font! What's the worst they can do to you?

Sanctus Belle said...

I've heard many such stories about the holy watar fonts being messed with in churches - what a horrible thing! I've been blessed however with never having experienced this personally. Carrying holy water with you is ALWAYS a good idea though - especially when staying in hotel rooms, riding on trains, buses, etc. One must be very discreet considering societies fear of terrorism. I try to be conscious of this - folks who don't understand could think you're pouring or sprinkling some biological weapon or something! God forbid!

Anita Moore said...

One must be very discreet considering societies fear of terrorism. I try to be conscious of this - folks who don't understand could think you're pouring or sprinkling some biological weapon or something! God forbid!

Some "parish life directors" seem to be allergic to holy I guess maybe it IS a biological weapon.

Matthew said...

What a wonderful picture!