Thursday, December 11, 2008

For all those abused by those whose duty it is to care...

"Once in winter her stepmother, Hortense, accused her of stealing bread, and threatened to beat her with a stick. Germaine opened her apron, and summer flowers tumbled out. Neighbors and her parents were awed and began to treat her as a holy person. Her parents invited her to rejoin the household, but Germaine chose to live as she had."

There are far too many children who become the victims of those who ought to care for them. This is a great evil. Our culture of death, so in love with contraception and abortion, has become calloused. Child abuse is one of the many rotten fruits of the devil.

I wish to offer this post along with my small prayers through the intercession of St. Germaine Cousin - the patron of abused children.

Lord I beg you to hear the cries of the little ones who through no fault of their own, suffer the wickedness and cruelty of those who should be loving them. Lord, let the sound of my supplication ascend to your ears. I recommend each suffering soul to your Divine and Infinite Mercy. Release them from the bondage of abuse, the victims as well as the perpetrators. Lord, let my cry come unto You, I beg you to heal the heart and soul of the little one of whom I have had recent contact, do not allow any more abuse for this child. Heal her soul Lord and make of her and her sister great saints! Do not allow this injustice to offend You any longer, for all sins are committed against Thee. Lord have mercy. Amen+

"In 1601 she was found dead on her straw pallet under the stairs, and she was buried in the Church of Pibrac opposite the pulpit. When accidentally exhumed in 1644 during a renovation, her body was found incorrupt."

~ Picture of St. Germaine Cousin's incorrupt body

Documents attest to more than 400 miracles or extraordinary graces through the intervention of Saint Germain. They include cures of every kind (of blindness, both congenital and resulting from disease, of hip and spinal disease), and the multiplication of food for the distressed community of the Good Shepherd at Bourges in 1845.

Read more about this incredible saint here and here.


Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Powerful post Sanctus Belle. Good for you! What could be more satanically-arrogant than thinking that a child of God, an innocent little child, exists to satisfy one's own sexual appetite?

So much sadness in our world. So much misery. But thanks be to God, there is still much beauty, truth and goodness in the world. And your Blog is part of it.

Irene said...

Pray that we Catholics never become so self-righteous as to forget the children our own fellows have abused. Not only the altarboys and others abused by some of our priests, but the girls abused in the Magdalenes of Ireland -- and the children of both genders who used to be abused in the orphanages and residential schools in the US and Canada.

Of course there are many other children abused in many ways in countries all around the world, but I want to clean up my own yard first. After all, we are the only body Christ has.

Sanctus Belle said...

Paul, thank you for your kind words.

Irene: I could not agree with you more. All victims of abuse, especially those who were abused by Catholic clergy need our help and prayers. Only the grace of God can heal the soul of such evil.