Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blessed Virgin Mary's Wedding Ring?

Thank you to Vincenzo who sent me a link to this image. This ring is located in the Cattedrale Santo Anello. Again, I cannot read italian so I'm posting this here in the hopes that someone can go to this site and interpret for us what is said of this ring.

Here is the description Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich gives of the Blessed Virgin Mary's wedding ring: "I saw the Blessed Virgin’s wedding-ring; it is neither of silver nor of gold, nor of any other metal; it is dark in color and iridescent; it is not a thin narrow ring, but rather thick and at least a finger broad. I saw it smooth and yet as if covered with little regular triangles in which were letters. On the inside was a flat surface. The ring is engraved with something. I saw it kept behind many locks in a beautiful church. Devout people about to be married take their wedding-rings to touch it. "

If this is Mary's ring, this would be an apt description of it.

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Pasifik said...

A beautiful wedding ring yet an antique one!

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