Monday, December 8, 2008

The 56 Meme

Open the book nearest to you and post from page 56 the 5th sentence and 2 to 5 sentences thereafter:

"All women who give a family history of boys with developmental delay, extreme hyperactivity, and speech and language problems should be offered fragile X carrier testing. All DNA tests require recovery of DNA; this is accomplished by obtaining nucleated cells. For DNA analysis of newborns, children, or adults, nucleated cells are easily recoverable from peripheral blood samples."
~Obstectrics and Gynecology 4th ed. Beckmann et al; Lippincott.

Tells you what sort of books I have around me! :) Now go to mass, its a holy day of obligation!


Anna B. said...

The Look of Holiness

Holiness to most people is looking holy. They think a holy person is one who never loses his temper. Oh please! They think a holy person never feels impatient. Well, there is not an Italian born who is patient, and since there are more Italian saints than any other nationality, there must be something about being impatatient that makes you holy.

Mother Angelica's
Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality

swissmiss said...

I'm trying to post a comment again...had problems the last time so apologize if you get this twice.

I've tagged you for another meme -- a rosary meme.

And, wanted to let you know I ordered myself a five-fold scapular for Christmas and am already wearing it. I first heard about it on your blog, so thank you for your post on it :)

Sanctus Belle said...

SwissMiss: Yes, I've been wearing the fivefold for years now. Just know this, wearing not just one scapular but FIVE is a sure sign of being a Catholic geek extremis! No but really...its the only way I could find that included the black scapular of our Lady's Sorrows. I have happy to hear you are also honoring her this way! I'll post your meme soon!

Anna - thanks for that book exerpt!