Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Confraternity of Our Lady's Sorrows

The above image is a picture of the interior of the Basilica of Our Lady's Sorrows, a Servite parish in Chicago, Illinois. My husband and I received a packet of information on the Confraternity of Our Lady's Sorrows. We had placed a call to them to try to schedule being enrolled in both the confraternity and the Black Scapular but this is now handled via the mail. Sent off our applications yesterday and I'll let you know what all this enrollment involves. At any rate, we will be combining our medical education trip to Chicago next month with a pilgrimmage to this shrine. I will pray for each of you at Our Lady's altar and remember you at mass.

The next several posts will be about the rules and benefits of the confraternity. I strongly recommend contacting the good Servites if you have any interest in joining. Remember how great the promises are!

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Terry Nelson said...

Thanks - I'm checking into this.