Friday, January 18, 2008

Black Scapular of Mary's Sorrows

Above is pictured the Servite Black Scapular of Our Lady's Sorrows. I've been looking for a picture of these for quite some time. I am still looking for a place to buy one - but doubt that one this nice is still available.

I was sent this link to the Servite Confraternity of Our Lady's Sorrows. I plan this weekend to contact them for more information on joining them. I wish to thank the kind gentlemen who sent me this link (he said he'd be watching this blog) :) I'll keep you all informed. I do believe I had heard of this group of servites in Chicago, but didn't know about the confraternity. I'm also going to inquire about the possibility of the tertiary order but don't have high hopes for this as there's no servite order in Minnesota. Normally regular meetings and spiritual direction are required for third order lay religious.

Also, I'm working on finding a way to have black scapulars made (like the one above) - not cheaply made ones either. I'm thinking that it wouldn't be too difficult to combine the black and brown scapulars so the benefits of both can be had by the wearer. Again, I'll keep you informed. I've been more than busy lately but I'm up to the task if God wills it!


karyn said...

I must press you to find a place to buy this scapular. I really really wish to wear this, out of love for Our Dear Mother.

I come from singapore, not the USA, and it would be great if you could just find any source, online or not.

This is a lovely effort, God bless you :) Your blog has convinced me to devote myself to the Sorrowful Mother and to seek a scapular to wear.

Sanctus Belle said...

Well, I don't know of a place for certain where a black scapular of Mary's sorrows can be purchased. But I DO plan to find out. My husband and I will be enrolled (God willing) in the Confraternity in Chicago at the Servite priory of the Basilica of Our Lady's Sorrows. Just so happens this is just a few blocks from the hotel we're staying in for a medical conference. Isn't God's grace amazing that we would seek this enrollment when we're planning to be in the area? We plan to be enrolled in the Black scapular at the same time and if I can I'll buy all they have available. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

I quite agree about the beauty and power of Devotion to the Sorrowful Mother. She is a wonderful model for the way in which we are called to follow the Lord whatever the situation or cost. The Servites have a maxim that they, like Mary, will stand at the foot of the countless crosses of humanity.

I came accross this site which seemed to be selling Scapulars of the Sorrowful Mother (
From the picture they look to be really quite well made but I have not purchased one so I cannot vouch for that.

Ave Mater Dolorosa!

Anonymous said...

If anyone is still pursuing this you can also obtain the black scapular that you have pictured above from the Servants of Mary, 1439 Harlem Ave., Berwyn, Illinois 60402. The suggested offering is $1.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if you found a company that makes a good, durable, Black Scapular. Embroidered would be really nice too! I have one but it's starting to get ragged.

Sanctus Belle said...

Anonymous, I'm afraid I have not found any embroidered black scapulars. The ones my husband and I got from the servites in Chicago are of rather poor quality.

Remember, you can always just wear a black wool fabric, no ornamentation is needed.

Anonymous said...

The BEST Scapulars I have EVER found...

are from The Rose Scapular CO. I used to drive from Los Angeles to this house in Oxnard, Calif.. To where this older Husband and Wife had a garage filled to the top and in every direction with WOOL, and String and Scapular pamphlets and even Pieta Prayer Books (a favorite prayer book of mine).

This was way back in the 1980's and something that went further back still I am sure!

The Man, God rest his beautiful Soul left this earth a few year back.. but now their Daughter is working with her Mother and with a few other people, have expanded from a mail-order word-by-mouth type of deal into people from all over the world wearing their finely made Scapulars!

And like I said...
They do indeed have and still do, make THE BEST SCAPULARS I have EVER come across -
From your Brown Scapulars, The 5-Fold Scapular, Blue Scapulars, The Red-Passion Scapulars, Trinity White Scapulars and of course, The Black-Scapular of Our Lady of Sorrows!

They are well-made, do not fall apart like most do, can even be worn in the shower without fear - Being that they are hand-sewn with much though and care placed into each one of them - and NO! ha! - I am of no relation nor do i receive anything from this comment! nope! I only recognize the need to find quality Scapulars that won't fall apart when you change your shirt, or have paper on top of the wool - These last for year many many years.. as well as have all kinds of options and choices of design pictures now that are absolutely beautiful!
All sewn securely into/onto the fronts of these Scapulars.

They even make special orders.. as I myself wanted a Sorrows (black) with a Brown Scapular sewn together - not the 5-Fold but just those two - and they made them for me at a fair price and made them beautifully!

and again! - my intentions are good, and not some free-Advertisement for anyone. They are just The Best I Have Ever Seen - and I've looked everywhere, believe me.

So all who are looking for Servite (Our Lady of Sorrows Scapulars) give them a try - and if you also would like a Brown and Black Scapular, 2 in 1, just email them like i did. They will do special requests and very friendly too.

- These have been Scapulars I have felt Blessed to find and wear through out my 20's onward.
i believe their link is simply:

In Peace
- Jack Joesph, A Servant of Mary in Heart and Soul - If God willing, a Consecrated Servite before my death

Anonymous said...

try for info / brown scapulars....excellent and friendly service...........

Angelo Cardinal Fratelli said...

Hello, I just contacted the Servites in Chicago. They have a website:

I hope this helps.