Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another meme!

Ok, ok....so in the middle of my series on self-annihilation I post a meme about who else? Me. I told you, I have no virtue. Picked this one up at Dymphna's Road.

1. Do you wear a name tag at work? Yes, when I have my labcoat on, otherwise I forget.

2. What kind of car do you drive? Toyota RAV4, othwerise known as a "chick SUV"

3. What do you order when you go to Taco Bell? 2 crispy tacos with mild sauce & a diet coke.

4. Have you ever had a garage sale? Yes, several. Finally decided the work wasn't worth the cash.

5. What color is your iPod? Don't own one.

6. What kind of dog do you have? Humane Society charity case mutt named Charley.

7. What's for dinner tonight? Paprika chicken, I think.

8. What is the last alcoholic beverage you had? Coors light with olives - Yum!

9. Stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone? Turned it off just before mass without turning the volume down - very embarassing.

10. Last time you were sick? Mild cold in early November

11. How long is your hair? Shortest its been in many years, just past my shoulders.

12. Are you happy right now? Yes!

13. What did you say last? "Will you get this chart for me?" To my nurse..

14. Who came over last? Had 6 teenage girls over the weekend for overnights, was crazy.

15. Do you drink beer? Yes! Only on weekends and never more than two. I LOVE beer.

16. Have your brothers or sisters ever told you that you were adopted? Not that I remember.

17. What is your favorite key chain on your keys? Miraculous medal.

18. What did you get for graduation? Bedding for my college dorm - still have it I think...

19. Whats in your pockets? Lab coat pockets are full of reference books, several pens, and a St. Gianna Biretta Molla holy card.

20. Who introduced you to Dane Cook? Have no idea who that is.

21. Has someone ever made you a Build-A-Bear? No, but took my daughter years ago.

22. What DVD is in your DVD player? 6th disc, 5th season of 24 - current family addiction.

23. What's something fun you did today? Played and snuggled with my dog.

24. Who is/was the principal of your high school? Mr. Waterman, not there anymore.

25. Has your house ever been TP'd? Not that I can remember. I TP'd several houses as a teen:)

26.What do you think of when you hear the word "meow"? Can't stand kitty litter.

27. What are you listening to right now? Nurses talking in the hallway outside my office.

28. Drinking? Dasani bottled water. Wish it was coffee though...

29. What is your favorite aisle at Wal-Mart? Body spray!! Oh so many to choose from!!!

30. When is your mom's birthday? September 21st

31. When is your birthday? September 14th

32. What's the area code for your cell phone? 507

33. Where did you buy the shirt you're wearing now? Christmas gift from my dear husband

34. Is there anything hanging from your rear view mirror? My car rosary and a St. Benedict crucifx from the Vatican

35. How many states in the US have you been to? uh...let me see...31 plus 4 provinces of Canada

36. What kind of milk do you drink? Soy.

37. What are you going to do after this? Dictation.

38. Who was the last person you went shopping with? Two teenage daughters.

39. What is your favorite fruit? Strawberries.

40. What about your favorite dessert? Toss up between tiramisu & a grasshopper.

41. What is something you need to go shopping for? Make up.

42. Do you have the same name as one of your relatives? No.

43. What kind of car does one of your siblings drive? Ford Truck

44. Do you like pickles? Yes!

45. How about olives? Absolutely wild about olives, any kind - on the table for EVERY supper.

46. What is your favorite kind of gum? Wrigley's Extra, peppermint flavor.

47. What is your favorite kind of juice? V8

48. Do you have any tan lines? Winter in Minnesota - you are kidding?

49. What hospital were you born in? Fairview Southdale, Edina Minnesota.


Micki said...

So good to get to know you.
Wish I could play along but I think I'd have to put it on a holy card to fit it in my blog :-)

swissmiss said...

47. What is your favorite kind of juice? V8

My son loves just about anything, but the one thing he has turned up his nose to is V8 juice.

And, no tan lines? I don't even get tan lines in the summer :)

Sanctus Belle said...

Yeah, I love V8 juice! Used to only drink the hot & spicy but my stomach can't take that anymore. Now its just plain ol V8. I also like tomato juice and when I'm feeling really "wild" I'll get some bloody mary mix and drink it without the vodka. I've never found a mix I like with vodka, but have tried several from scratch mixes that are fabulous with Absolut peppar. Ok, have to stop before I start craving!

Micki said...

I just had to laugh....I can't find anything good to go with my vodka either so I drink it straight. Yahoo!
Actually I love Starbucks Chocolate Drink mixed with it for a Chocolate Martini.

Sanctus Belle said...

oooh, micki - I'll have to try that one!