Thursday, July 31, 2008


Cardinal Wojtyla kneeling before Pope John Paul I - swearing obedience

This applies to every Catholic on the face of the earth:

"..let them who in grave peril are ranged against the Church seriously bear in mind that after 'Rome has spoken' they cannot be excused even by reasons of good faith. Certainly, their bond and duty of obedience toward the Church is much graver than that of those who as yet are related to the Church 'only by an unconscious desire.' Let them realize that they are children of the Church, lovingly nourished by her with the milk of doctrine and the sacraments, and hence, having heard the clear voice of their Mother, they cannot be excused from culpable ignorance, and therefore to them apply without any restriction that principle: submission to the Catholic Church and to the Sovereign Pontiff is required as necessary for salvation." -from the Holy Office (found here)

Let each and every one of us closely examine our conscience on this matter and swiftly put to death all beliefs which dissent from the Magisterial teachings of the Church. If you cannot do this on your own, pray the rosary every day for this intention - Mary will not fail the help you and speedily bring you to the Truth.

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Paul Anthony Melanson said...

As Catholic Christians, we are all called to be prophets. But being a prophet can be a lonely vocation, a vocation rife with tears and rejection. But every now and then, the Good God in His Mercy sends someone into our life to be a friend, a ray of sunshine to dispel the clouds of despair.

The older I get, the more I understand (and this makes my heart ache) Jesus agony in the garden when He was alone - of course He wasn't really alone, the Father was with Him as surely as the Holy Angels were. But His friends had abandoned Him.

May it never be said of me that I couldn't watch and pray with Him for even one hour. Or that I wouldn't stand by Him. I would rather die.