Friday, July 18, 2008

Brown Scapular Devotion & Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Below is a small exerpt from an article I highly recommend to all Catholics regarding devotion to and the wearing of Our Lady's Brown Scapular. I must say I am terrified to be without mine and only reluctantly remove it in order to swim, shower and bathe. Get one, wear it always with love.

Church position

"With regard to the scapular as a conventional and sacred sign, the Church has intervened at various times in history to clarify its meaning, defend it, and confirm the privileges.
From these Church documents there emerges with sufficient clarity the nature and meaning of the Carmelite scapular."

1. "The scapular is a Marian habit or garment. It is both a sign and pledge. A sign of belonging to Mary; a pledge of her motherly protection, not only in this life but after death."

2. "As a sign, it is a conventional sign signifying three elements strictly joined: first, belonging to a religious family particularly devoted to Mary, especially dear to Mary, the Carmelite Order; second, consecration to Mary, devotion to and trust in her Immaculate Heart; third an incitement to become like Mary by imitating her virtues, above all her humility, chastity, and spirit of prayer."

"This is the Church's officially established connection between the sign and that which is signified by the sign."

Go here for the full article on Zenit.

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