Friday, December 7, 2007

Our Lady of Hope - Part V

This comes from the official website for the Sactuary of Our Lady of Hope situated at the apparition site in Pontmain France. We ought to meditate and think on the meaning of Mary's appearance. She who is the Mother of Our Lord and Savior does not appear for just any reason. Whenever heaven sends her and she appears, there is significance for us all.

"The Virgin Mary did not speak at Pontmain. How should we interpret this apparition, the different expressions of the Virgin Mary and the message which unfurled at her feet ? Of course the revelations add nothing to the revelations of Christ, which are complete in themselves. They were not meant to teach us anything new, but rather to awaken our sleeping consciences.The Virgin Mary appeared at Pontmain to help us to understand Christ. Her message is centred on Christ. The first part of the message, “But pray my children” echoes Christ’s urgent exhortations to pray unceasingly, following the example of the Virgin Mary, of the centurion Corneille or the numerous blind or paralysed people we find in the Gospel. Jesus asks us to pray with insistence, faith and humility to fulfil God’s will and not our own.The next part of the message, “God will answer you very soon” is the continuation of this message. It reminds us that all prayers are sent to God, and God alone, who gives us everything. It also tells us that prayer is effective : Jesus repeated this message forcefully. The end of the message, “My son lets his heart be touched” is a reminder of Christ’s part in the divine plan. Mary shows Christ in all his humanity, by which “he should become in this way completely like his brothers” (Letter to the Hebrews 2, 17)."

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Micki said...

Thank you for always bringing the best of words regarding our heavenly Mother. Happy Feast Day to you today....I pray when she looks at your site today she will take away the "tears" of your title. :-)