Thursday, September 20, 2007

Great Book

Night Time Reading Lately
Just finished this great book. I picked this up at an airport bookstore in Newark NJ waiting for a flight to Montreal a few weeks ago. I am a great lover of the Medieval times. I'm also a terrible book buyer - endlessly perusing book stores and very rarely finding one a might actually read. Imagine my shock when I came across this beauty! My husband's jaw dropped when I told him I'd actually found something I wanted to buy! Anyway, this is not a novel, but rather a historical account of Queen Isabella of England, consort to King Edward II, mother of King Edward III who started the 100 years war with France. I find these times absolutely facsicnating and I honestly have no idea why. I thank God I found this book and this author and I plan to obtain and read each of her books.
Thank you in advance for your patience as I now post pictures of these souls who lived long ago in CATHOLIC England. May God rest their souls and I hope to meet each one in heaven.


El Duque said...

If I could recommend you read her Eleanor of Aquitaine next. A fascinating medieval figure if ever there was one.


Sanctus Belle said...

Yes, I do plan to read that one too. I've added all her historical nonfiction books to my amazon wishlist!

swissmiss said...

I think you and my husband would win awards for "Most time spent in a bookstore, only to leave empty handed."

Thanks for the recommendation. I had been interested in finding something like this because I had purchased a book on Grace O'Malley (the Irish pirate Queen) who my family is reportedly related to (no records exist that show a connection, but she was from the town that my family was from) and the book was more fiction that reality, interlaced with romance novel sections. Please, yuck! So, since I'm pretty ignorant about English history (what good American kid of the 80s knows much Brit history!), I thought I'd try to edumacate meself. Will add to my list, too, which is getting longer than I think I will ever be able to read!