Thursday, September 13, 2007

Best Hissy Fit - Ever

This is shamelessly lifted from The Crescat. Simply the best spiritual "hissy fit" I've ever seen and one I could have spoken myself. I've also included the very wise response from the combox. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Statement: "My soul cries out for this, [see picture] a quiet refuge, a sense of the holy and the sacred, a place where I can go and let me soul rest. The environment does matter, damn you. It is not a reflection of my spiritual immaturity that I do not find modern ugly bare and empty churches sources of spiritual fulfillment. Nothing is lacking in me. The empty church is what is lacking. My soul hungers for the sacred. It is starving. Who would give their child a stone when they ask for bread?"
~Carolina Cannonball

Response: "Only those who consider themselves more important than God would give a child a stone when they asked for bread. They put the ugliness there specifically to keep your eyes off of God, lest you focus on Him and not them. Just as they hide the tabernacle (and Him) away so that you won't be distracted from them.They figure that if they give you stones long enough, you'll either forget that the bread exists, or just give up and quit longing for the bread. Then they'll have you.But, don't let them win. Ever."
-Tom S.

I plan to remember this one. Amen+


Dina said...

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Anonymous said...

As someone who attends what I think is the ugliest, barest, coldest Catholic church I've ever seen, I really appreciated this. Our old church burned, and the pastor built this stone Pizza Hut in its place. Of course he's gone and we're stuck. I long for the church in the picture. I guess that's why I have religious art all around me in my home. Thanks for the validation.

Ebeth said...

Wow.....I long for the "bread" churches too. Really! I wish there was one near me. We, modern man, have become sooo lazy about building. We all the tools, technology, and know-how, but no motivation or desire!!?? Why!? Laziness, just plan laziness