Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Save Us From the Fires of Hell II

St. Vincent Pallotti
(1798 - 1850)
Feast Day: 22 January

Born into Italian nobility and became a Priest, theological teacher and founder. He lived in constant danger working with the sick during a cholera epidemic. He was also a highly successful fund-raiser for charities for the poor. St. Vincent founded guilds for workers, agricultural schools, loan associations, orphanages and homes for the destitute. This saintly priest felt a strong calling to bring Christ to Muslims, and founded a program to incorporate lay people in the apostolate of priests. He founded the Pious Society of Missions (Pallottines) for urban mission work. He also started the special observance of the Octave of Epiphany for the reunion of the Eastern and Roman Churches, and the return of the Church in England. (Source: Catholic Forum Saints Index)
This great saint also had a great devotion to Our Lady's Sorrows. In the documentation for St. Vincent's beatification it is related: "The evil spirit once declared by the mouth of a possessed person that no one who had practiced devotion to Mary Sorrowful had yet been lost, and that evil spirits had been commanded by God not to assail with temptations in the hour of death those who had faithfully practiced this devotion." This servant of God was absolutely convinced of the truth of this message that he often spoke of it in order to honor Our Lady of Sorrows and to instruct the faithful. (Source Devotion to the Sorrowful Mother by TAN books)
We must all work earnestly to enkindle within our hearts a devotion to Our Mother's Sorrows, for it is we who cause them, and it is we who can compassionate them. In return, we are certain to recieve the Queen of Heaven's consolation at the hour of our death, the most important hour of our lives! Pray to be received into her arms and pressed to her Immaculate Heart as she did Our Lord's upon our deathbed!
Prayer to Our Lady for a Happy Death
O Mother of Sorrows, by the anguish and love with which thou didst stand by the Cross of Jesus, stand by me in my last agony. To thy maternal heart I commend the last three hours of my life. Offer these hours to the Eternal Father in union with the agony of our dearest Lord in atonement for my sins.
Offer to the Eternal Father the most Precious Blood of Jesus, mingled with thine tears on Calvary, that I may obtain the grace of receiving Holy Communion with the most perfect love and contrition before my death, and that I may breathe forth my soul in the adorable presence of Jesus.
Dearest Mother, when the moment of my death had at length come, present me as your child to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive me for having offended Him for I know not what I did.
Beg Him to receive me into His Kingdom of glory to be united with Him forever.

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