Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Meme!

This one comes from Swiss Miss at St. Monica's Kneeler:

Participants are to post 8 random facts or habits about themselves on their blog. Have fun!
1. When I was a kid, I went to a Swedish language immersion camp and after three years there was fluent. Yes, I even knew all those odd Swedish folk dances and wore a folk costume. A nerdier activity could not be found.
2. Garnet is my favorite gem stone.
3. I sometimes wear my slippers in public (they sort-of look like shoes :)
4. I'm addicted to lip gloss, have been since 3rd grade, wear it all the time. This is one of those absolutely-must-haves-cannot-leave-home-without-it-or-I'm-miserables. I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night and put it on, of course its right on my nightstand.
5. I have two statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary in my office: Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Our Lady of Knock.
6. I LOVE the Minnesota State Fair. A trip there is not complete without looking at EVERYTHING in the 4H building, french fried green peppers and cheese on a stick.
7. My perfume is Coco Madmoiselle by Chanel.
8. When I was in high school, I protested what I thought was an unfair detention (still believe it was unfair) and I decided in principle to not comply. I never showed up for it despite the daily "yellow note" on my locker reminding me of said detention. I was ordered to go by the Principal, the school board (private school) AND the traitorous school counsel. Never went, told them all they'd have to expel me. I was sure I was done. This went on for MONTHS. I finished the school year, showed up for class the next fall and not a word was said. Isn't that strange??
Everyone interested in this meme is hereby tagged!


swissmiss said...

Oh my, you are certainly in need of prayers, you Scandihoovian!

The State Fair is the penultimate experience ;} I've taken my kids every year, even when they were just born (a little over a week old) and even when I had just had C-sections. I will not be deterred!

I had a weird experience in school too. I was an honor student, but also protested against stupid rules (public school). Since I had an honor pass, it allowed me lots of priviledges. So, I skipped a class which required me to have, horror of horrors, a "permanent schedule." The permanent schedule required me to have a teacher sign my schedule every class period, but my honor pass allowed me to sign my own schedule. I turned the schedule in blank week after week under penalty of detention of five minutes for every missed signature. No one ever said a word. I eventually didn't even turn in a schedule and still didn't hear anything. Hmmmm.

Sanctus Belle said...

Ja! I'm roughly a quarter Swedish, quarter Danish (Dad) and a mixture of English and Irish from my mom. I spent alot of time growing up at the American Swedish Institute and some of my earliest memories are of doing the Swedish folk dances at Scandinavian fairs and such. Now I send my kids to the same camp and they love it.

Kan du prata svenska??

Micki said...

OK, you got my interest up. May I ask what happened to cause you to be so strong in your decision to stand up for your feelings? I know it's none of "our" business but if you can share it would make it easier to understand your tenacity in standing up for your own right of decisions.

Sanctus Belle said...

Micki - sure! I just didn't want to bore anyone with the details. It went something like this: I was getting an A in math and didn't need that day to study or catch up on homework. Me and a friend were chatting quietly during study time and the teacher asked us to "go talk in the hallway" so we did. We were not in trouble. My locker was just a few steps away and so I went to get some lip gloss (see #4:) and the principal walked by. He was angry that we were in the hallway and proceeded to yell at our teacher in front of the class about "Why are your students in the hallway?" Well, we were there because we were told to go there! Ya...well she was embarrassed and so gave us detention. I fail to see what we did wrong?? Shouldn't have been talking, but we weren't in trouble for that - we didn't need the study time and well, the rest is history. Its very silly I know, but it was a first step in my becoming the stubborn cuss I am now. I am not afraid to "stand up" to my authorities in matters of principles and right and wrong. This occurrance was rather formative - but silly at the same time!

Ya - my lip gloss addiction could have gotten my expelled!

Micki said...

Oh you are one tough cookie. :-)
I think you were very brave to stand up for your right. You did nothing wrong. I guess the poor teacher had to worry about her job and her reputation. She would have impressed someone (you) for life had she told the truth.
You make me laugh with your lip gloss affair.
At least it's not an attraction like shoes or gosh, lip gloss is cheap. Thanks for
making me smile.