Friday, December 14, 2007

Black Scapular IV

General Information About Scapulars - Continued

The first thing to be done is find out if enrollment in a particular Confraternity is necessary before wearing one with the rightful expectation of spiritual benefit. This varies with the type of scapular, but most scapulars do not require any sort of enrollment that your parish priest can't perform. The scapular you purchase should come with the neccessary enrollment prayers. Scapulars can be purchased from Catholic Gift Shops, Catholic mail order catalogues, or the internet. Here's my favorite scapular maker. They're quite inexpensive, and you can also often find free ones from various places, or you could do a Google Search for "Free Scapulars." But remember, generally you get what you pay for. After you get your scapular, you must take it to a priest who will "invest" you by reciting the included prayers of investment. He will normally bless this first scapular but it is not neccessary to have subsequent scapulars blessed. Remember, different scapulars have different prayers for investment. The exception is the green scapular, which does not require investment at all, but simply needs to be blessed. The proper way to get rid of worn out scapulars -- or any sacramental -- is to either burn it or bury it.)

Scapulars (excepting those which are proper to the Third Orders) can also later be replaced by a religious medal called the "Scapular Medal", but if this is done, the new medal must be blessed. This medal must "show the image of Our Most Holy Redeemer, Jesus Christ, showing His Sacred Heart, and the obverse that of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary," according to a decree of Pope St. Pius X.

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