Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Interview on Purgatory

Interview with Francisco Romero-Carrasquillo, Professor of Philosphy, Miami, FL. Author of blog: Ite ad Thomam

Where is Purgatory?

How do the fires of Purgatory differ from those of Hell?

-I quote Aquinas. In Book IV of his Commentary on Peter Lombard’s Sentences (distinction 21, article 1), he asks “Whether purgatory and hell are in the same place.” He answers:

"In Sacred Scripture one cannot find anything explicit regarding the location of purgatory, nor is it possible to formulate adequate arguments on this point. However, one can formulate a probable argument, based on the sayings and [private] revelations of the Saints, that the location of purgatory is twofold.The first is by common law; accordingly, the place of purgatory is a low place conjoined to Hell, such that it is the same fire that both burns the damned in hell and purifies the just in purgatory, although the damned, because they are inferior in merit, are in fact sent to a lower place.The other is by special dispensation. And thus, sometimes we read that some people are punished in different places, either for the instruction of the living, or for the liberation of the dead, so that, alerting the living, their punishment might be mitigated through the suffrages of the Church."

More from the good philospher on Purgatory in subsequent posts!


swissmiss said...

I had heard pretty much the same thing, that Purgatory and Hell are "connected" or "intertwined", but that the difference is that the Poor Souls are there willingly and have the knowledge that they will one day be released, whereas the damned have no hope and suffer the torment of forever being apart from God.

Sanctus Belle said...

It is truly hard to imagine what no hope would be like. To be tormented in hellfire knowing that is by your own choice and that there is NO hope of ever being released...there is no greater tragedy than hell.

Micki said...

Lots of great information here. Thanks SB. We just have to pray so hard for all our friends who think they go straight to heaven. What a surprise it might be for many.