Thursday, July 26, 2007

Interview on Purgatory II

An Interview on Purgatory with
Francisco Romero-Carrasquillo at Ite ad Thomam

What are some of the sufferings that a soul in Purgatory has to endure?

Is the suffering in Puragatory worse than the most horrendous suffering on earth?

Again, I quote Aquinas. In the same place, he says:

"In purgatory there will be a twofold punishment. One is the punishment of [temporary] damnation (poena damni), insofar as the souls are delayed in attaining the divine vision. The other is sense-punishment (poena sensus) as far as they are punished by corporeal fire. And in both respects the slightest punishment in purgatory exceeds the greatest punishment of this life.This is the case because the more something is desired, the more disturbing its absence, and the affection with which the holy souls, after this life, desire the Supreme Good is most intense, because this affection is not retarded by the bulk of the body. Another reason they suffer is because their goal of enjoying the Supreme Good would already be taking place were it not for the impediment of sin and its consequences, and hence they suffer from the delay.Similarly, also, because pain is not the same as injury, but rather it is the sensing of injury, the more sensitive something is, the more it suffers pain from injury. Hence, the injuries received in the most sensitive parts are the ones that cause the most pain. Moreover, because the body’s entire capacity to sense comes from the soul, therefore, if something injurious acts on the soul itself, this will necessarily be most afflicting... Therefore, it is necessarily the case that the punishment of purgatory, with regard to both the punishment of [temporal] damnation and the sense-punishment, exceeds all the punishments of this life."

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Micki said...

It was very interesting to read the sentence about the worst suffering on earth being like nothing compared to Purgatory. Makes one think how wise it would be to remember to offer up any earthly pain.

Sanctus Belle said...

I find that also a very sobering thought. The worst possible suffering here on earth is less than the least suffering in purgatory. They suffer day and night with no relief whatsoever. They depend solely on our prayers, offerings and of course what the Church bequeaths to them. Little prayers here turn into huge merit for us.