Saturday, July 21, 2007

Conversations with Jesus V

Meditation Before Holy Communion

"Hast thou no promises to make to Me?"

"I can read thy heart; thou knowest it; thou mayest deceive man, but thou canst never deceive God. Be sincere."

"Art thou resolved to avoid occasions of sin? To renounce that which tempts thee; never again to open the book that excites thine imagination? Not to bestow thine affection on one who is not devout, and whose presence steals the peace from thy soul?"

"Wilt thou go now and be loving and forbearing towards one who has vexed thee?..."

"Good, My child!....Go, then, return to thy daily toil; be silent, humble, resigned, charitable; then return to Me with a heart yet more loving and devoted, and I shall have for thee fresh blessings."
(Source: Gold Dust, Altemus Press. Philadelphia, PA. 1897)

Before our good works can merit ANYTHING whatsoever, we must have personal sanctity. We must strive for holiness and seek to rid ourselves of our sinful tendencies. All the "social justice" issues so popular today: feed the poor, save the environment, help the immigrants, etc. All these things are well and good and we must do them - but all these things avail us NOTHING if we are not in a state of grace! We must be in a state of grace, with the help of God in order to do anything of value in His sight.

Go to confession, pray the rosary, receive Communion as often as you can. Personal sanctity THEN social justice!!! Amen+


swissmiss said...

Just finished reading your series of conversations. It is almost alien to think this way, about how good and merciful God is, since many Protestant religions, along with Islam, Hinduism, etc., all have very violent, vengeful Gods. Even the God of the Old Testament comes across this way on the surface until you study it and find how merciful God was. These conversations are wonderful. Great book.

Sanctus Belle said...

When I first opened this book to the meditation I posted, I was feeling rather discouraged about something that I can't remember anymore. This reading was simply one of the most uplifting things I've ever read. It seemed to me as if Jesus, His Majesty Himself and bent down from His throne and spoken those words directly to my soul. A great consolation indeed...