Thursday, October 4, 2007

Interview on Purgatory III

Question: Maria, do the souls in Purgatory have, nevertheless, joy and hope in the midst of their suffering?
Answer: Yes. No soul would want to come back from Purgatory to the earth. They have knowledge which is infinitely beyond ours. They just could not decide to return to the darkness of the earth.
Here we see the difference from the suffering that we know on earth. In Purgatory, even if the pain of the soul is just terrible, there is the certitude of living forever with God. It's an unshakeable certitude. The joy is greater than the pain. There is nothing on earth which could make them want to live here again, where one is never sure of anything.
Question: Maria, can you tell us now if it is God who sends a soul into Purgatory, or if the soul itself decides to go there?
Answer: It is the soul itself which wants to go to Purgatory, in order to be pure before going to Heaven.
Question: Maria, at the moment of death, does one see God in full light or in an obscure manner?
Answer: In a manner still obscure, but, all the same, in such brightness that this is enough to cause great longing.
Question: Maria, can you tell us what the role of Our Lady is with the souls in Purgatory?
Answer: She comes often to console them and to tell them they have done many good things. She encourages them.
Question: Are there any days in particular on which She delivers them?
Answer: Above all, Christmas Day, All Saints Day, Good Friday, the Feast of the Assumption, and the Ascension of Jesus.
It is good to remember that the month dedicated to the souls in purgatory by Holy Mother Church is November. A plenary indulgence may be gained EVERY DAY of November (only to be applied to the dead) by: Sacramental confession at least once every other week, daily reception of Communion, prayer for the Pope's intentions and praying for the dead in a cemetery. If you do this even once you will be greatly rewarded in Heaven! Remember and assist our dead, for you will one day be among them and you will desire greatly for the prayers of the living to relieve your suffering! It is commonly believed that the more you assist the Church Suffering in this life, the more claim you will have to this same assistance when you dwell there!

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