Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Virgin of Guadalupe

Some Things You May Not Have Known About the Virgin of Guadalupe

The name "Guadalupe" is a phonetic version of the Aztec Nahuatl words for "coatlaxopeuh," which is what the Virgin is reported to have said in identifying herself to Juan Diego's uncle. "Coatlaxopeuh" is pronounced "quatlasupe" and sounds remarkably like the Spanish word "Guadalupe." "Coa" means serpent, "tla" stands for "the," and "xopeuh" means to crush or stamp out!

Thus Mary had identified herself to Juan's uncle as "coatlaxopeuh," the "one who crushes the serpent." The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is often referred to as the "woman clothed with the Sun" as she appears in Revelation. This woman of course does battle with the serpent. I personally believe that when we witness the end of time, the final battle, we will see the Blessed Virgin Mary, just as she appears in the Guadalupe image - crush Satan's head. He will then be cast into hell together with his fallen and the damned forever.


Oh Lord God Who sent the Virgin of Guadalupe to us, please let her image remain a beacon to the world and especially a sign to those who would destroy the unborn. Oh Jesus: please end abortion. Please end euthanasia. Please end illicit birth control. Please end suicide.

Please, oh Lord, let us all have life and life more abundantly. Let us all conform ourselves to a style of living that is in conformance with Your creation, with a style of life that is clean and simple and unselfish. Let us focus on the plight of our youngsters, the children who enter a world of such spiritual harassment.

Please, oh Lord, let us live a life as humble as that of Juan Diego that like him we may be ever-conscious of death and always prepared for it. Oh Lord, always let us be prepared. Always remind us of Confession. Always remind us that humility and lowliness are grand in your sight (even if they are disdained by this blinded world).

Heal any of our plagues as your original image from St. Mary Major healed plagues and as the shrine in Spain healed pilgrims and as you healed Juan's uncle of cocolistle. Heal infectious disease among us and our families. Heal such disease throughout society, good Lord, and when we are ill, please, oh Holy Spirit: please grant us the trust you requested of Juan Diego, that nothing should cause us grief or fear. Amen+



swissmiss said...

Thanks for the info! I had learned this a long time ago, but totally forgot it. Hopefully, I'll retain it this time ;}

Sanctus Belle said...

You are most welcome Swissmiss!

wolftracker said...

Baptized, as I was, on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I appreciate this post very much. I had no idea of the origin of her name and am always glad to learn suc things that point to the symmetry of our faith, esp. from one culture to the next, which shows the universal nature of Catholicism.