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Prayers Honoring Our Lady's Sorrows I

Chaplet of Our Lady's Tears
(Picture: Our sweet Lady of Tears - The Helper of the Poor and Suffering Mankind - as she appeared to Sister Amalia of the Scourged Jesus in Campinas, Brazil on March 8, 1930.)
Due to the mercy of God, there are many ways we can honor Him through honoring His Mothers Sorrows. Offered here is another pious practice which takes the form of a rosary honoring Mary's Tears. This rosary form, commonly called a chaplet was given by Heaven to humankind through Mary in a apparition to one Sister Amalia of the Scourged Jesus in Brazil. I have searched the web for more "primary" sources on this sister and apparition but have found little. I can say with certainty that this devotion and chaplet, along with the appartion have the official approval of the Church and the booklet written regarding it bears an Imprimatur.
There is more information on this devotion than should be posted at once, so the next few days will be devoted to this subject. To begin with, recall how many marian apparitions there have been where the Mother of God has shed tears. Our Lady of La Salette comes to mind of course, but has she not been sad over our sins and the loss of many souls at Lourdes and Fatima as well? It is our duty to honor our Heavenly Mother and to dry her tears. The following is from the little pamphlet which came with the chaplet I purchased years ago:
"The rosary or chaplet presented to Sr. Amalia by the Mother of God consists of 49 small white beads, divided into seven sets by seven larger beads and one medal, that of Our Lady of Tears which is attached to the rosary. Through this arrangement, we are clearly directed to venerate Mary, Our Mother, for the sake of her sorrows, for which she cried abundant tears. The medal of Our Lady of Tears in an integral part of the rosary; however, it must be exactly like the one the Mother of God revealed to Sr. Amalia on April 8, 1930."
From a booklet entitled "Our Lady of Tears" bears an imprimatur from 1936:
"On November 8, 1929, Sister Amalia, her heart moved by the grief of a relative whose wife was critically ill, sought Jesus in the Tabernacle and pleaded that she might give her own life for this mother of little children. So sincere was the desire of this Sister who bears the Holy Stigmata that Our Lord spoke to her, telling her how to pray to attain this grace. Jesus said: "Pray to me on behalf of my mother's tears, I shall gladly grant them. My Daughter, whatever men will ask of Me for the sake of the tears of my mother, I shall grant them lovingly." Sister Amalia bent low her head as she reflected on the Tears of Our Lady. "How shall I pray?" she asked humbly.
"O Jesus, listen to our prayers on behalf of your holy mother's tears. O Jesus, look down upon the tears of her who loved you best on earth and most deeply loves you now in heaven," was the answer. Our Lord answered her: "Later my mother will give the treasure of her tears to my beloved institute as a magnet of mercy."
More on this apparition tomorrow!
As I have mentioned earlier, my husband and I have started up a film company oddly enough named Our Lady's Tears Productions in order to make films on the lives of the saints and other Catholic topics. We are currently supporting the funding of a film on the life of St. Germaine Cousin (trailer here) with the sale of chaplets of Our Lady's Tears. We pray that is spreading this beautiful devotion to Our Lady's Sorrows souls will be brought to the school of Mary.
The medal on the chaplet of Our Lady's Tears associated with this apparation we could not find ANYWHERE so we had them made, and the company we hired to do this did a fine job.
We have been busy hand making these chaplets and they are now available for purchase with 100% of the proceeds going to fund the movie. We do not take one cent for ourselves.
Go here if you'd like to have one of these chaplets, they are just as described while supplies last. Currently we have on hand enough supplies for about 1000 chaplets.
May Mary's prayer go with you always!

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