Saturday, July 12, 2008

Virgin and Martyr

This is the effigy of St. Maria Goretti which is situated directly upon the spot where Allesandro Serinelli killed her. She was found my Serinelli's father upon the floor, right here. Maria was unconscious, but still alive following 14 stab wounds inflicted upon her as she resisted being raped. Her murderer had been harassing Maria for months prior to this event, trying to get Maria to give into his impure desires. She always and unfailingly resisted. Finally Alessandro would have his way and would not take no for an answer. As she resisted, he wrestled this 12 year old girl to the floor, with the knife poised over her head, she was given a choice, death or sin. She chose the better part.

At times in prayer, in spirit I go this place and kneel upon the cold stone floor. Here beside the place of Maria's triumph, I try to give honor to this heroic virgin martyr and beseech her prayers on my behalf. I entrust my and my family's purity to her prayers. I pray that given the same choice, death or sin, that her prayers will enable us to make the same choice.

Saint Maria Goretti - Ora Pro Nobis! Amen+

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Micki said...

I'm late in commenting on this post. What a source of extra information I didn't know about this beautiful saint. Thanks.