Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sidebar Note

I don't know if anyone noticed, but I had deleted my list of favorite blogs several weeks ago. I did not do this out of spite, but for two very simple reasons:

1. I was spending too much time reading blogs and not enough praying.
2. I feared that the content of some blogs I linked to was becoming scandalous.

Therefore I have posted a new, abbreviated list of blogs and will try to keep a close eye on them. I am sorry if I offended anyone on my previously deleted list.

I have also added pictures and names of my new "set" of patron saints.

God Bless you all.


Micki said...

I join with you in wondering if I too am not spending more time blogging when I should be praying. Maybe we have to remember to offer up our computer work as a prayer?

Thank you also for helping to bring relief to so many souls in Purgatory.

swissmiss said...

I'm glad I haven't been excommunicated from your blog roll :) My poor blog has suffered because I've been so busy with family things and I've had little time to visit many of my favorite blogs, especially yours. I have, however, sent oodles of folks your way. You have a wonderful blog that is so informative. I reference and cite it often and have mentioned it several times in our Yahoo homeschool group board.

Have you posted on the five-fold scapular you wear? I remember it had been mentioned previously in a comment of yours, but couldn't find any further info on your site. Do you have to be enrolled individually in the various scapulars before you can wear it?

Homeschool is starting soon and I have no idea how I will keep the blog up...but maybe it is time to toss in the towel. I'm finding I have little to add to the blogosphere and am now needed as a teacher to my kids. Hard to discern sometimes, especially when one is so busy to be quiet and listen :)