Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mother of Sorrows II

Circumstances Which Increased Her Sufferings

We can gain some idea of the immensity of the dolors of our Blessed Mother by considering the conditions that imparted special bitterness to her sufferings. Placed in similar circumstances with the Blessed Virgin Mary, what mother would not have longed to die with her son? But Mary could not die with Jesus, although union with Him had become so much a part of her nature that it actually constituted her life. Jesus, her Son, was the bliss of her heart, the sun of her existence. How could Mary live without Jesus! Still, she must see Him die, without being able to die with Him! What inexpressible grief!
Another circumstance that in- creased the anguish of the Mother of God was the realization that her sufferings increased those of her Divine Son; that these were, in fact, some of the bitterest pangs He had to endure. It was His will that His Blessed Mother should form. a part of His sufferings. When we consider the boundless love with which He loved His Mother, we will understand that to meet her on His way to Calvary, to behold her beneath the Cross, was truly one of His most acute tortures. Mary knew this. What pain for her maternal heart to know that she must be one of the causes of His sufferings!

Again, Mary was an eye-witness of the sufferings of her Divine Son. She saw Him bound to the pillar; she heard the lashing of the scourges, she saw His delicate virginal flesh writhe and quiver under the lacerating blows. She was present at the Ecce Homo scene, on the way to Calvary, and at the Crucifixion. And her anguish was further increased by the fact that she could offer no relief to her dear Son in His excruciating pains. As she stood beneath the Cross, she saw the Blood trickling from His thorn-crowned Head into His eyes, but could not reach His sacred Face to wipe the drops away! She saw His lips parched with thirst, pale and bloodless, but was unable to give Him a refreshing drink! His head had no pillow to rest upon, yet she was prevented from supporting it or letting it repose upon her bosom. Who can comprehend the anguish endured by her Mother-heart during those three endless hours of dreadful helplessness!

Source: About the Devotion to the Mother of Sorrows. Nihil Obstat: Gulielmus J. Blacet, J.C.L. Censor Librorum Imprimatur + Joannes P. Cody, S.T.D. Episcopus Kansanopolitana-Sti. Josephi March 10, 1951

Mater Dolorosa - Ora Pro Nobis! I entrust the salvation of the whole world to your sorrowful heart. Pray for me, a poor sinner... Amen+


Per Stromsjo said...

Do we know where Josef was at that moment?

Sanctus Belle said...

That last place that I know of that St. Joseph is mentioned in the gospels is at the finding of the child Jesus at the temple. According to the long standing tradition of the Church, Joseph passed away prior to Jesus beginning His ministry at the age of 30.