Friday, April 11, 2008

'But even when we agree, we don't see eye to eye."

Catholics and Protestants... I said when I first started this blog that I'm no apologist. This is still true. I love the Catholic Church with all my heart, the very Body of Christ. What I do know of Protestant religion I have "turned my back on" and I read only Catholic materials, etc. That is to say I have stopped seeking any kind of Truth outside of Catholicism for she contains and transmits the Truth of God to all who seek.
All my friends are Catholic with a few exceptions and when I am with my Protestant friends they always avoid the topic of religion. This I've never understood as I never preach, but I am what you would call "immovable" on my beliefs, they will sometimes look at me as if I'm lost. They see that I live and believe the Catholic faith as absolute Truth and the guiding force of my life. We get along fine, but there is an unspoken, unmistakable chasm between us. There is nothing to do but move on despite it.
I came across this article by Fr. Dwight Longnecker which helped me to understand our different ways of thinking. I've often can we both love Jesus, read the Bible and yet come to so VERY different belief systems.

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Irene said...

Fr. Longnecker (and you) has a very valid point. Catholics and all the multicolored variants of protestants do each see God from a (more or less) different perspective. This is a physical necessity because we all view him from different locations in space-time.

That being said, let us immediately concede that the differences in perspective are every bit as great internally within the Catholic church. Certainly there are radical liberal Catholics whose understanding of God disagrees with both yours and mine. At the other extreme are, for example, the SSPX's and the sede vacantists.

Bottom line? No two perspectives are the same -- not even yours and Jeffrey's and mine (though they are close). Which perspectives are valid and which are not? God alone knows, but we trust to his infinite love and desire that all be saved, to encompass more of those perspectives than we puny humans can.