Friday, November 23, 2007

Lord of Mercy

"If you are discouraged because of your sinfulness, do not depend on your virtue or the strength of your case before God. Rather, depend entirely upon His mercy, for no one is righteous. We are all sinners. But this is not a cause for discouragement, for Christ came for sinners!" Quote Mark Mallet, see full article here.

I have a fault of falling pray to this sort of discouragement on a regular basis. I do not trust enough in God's mercy, but rather place too much emphasis on my own, very small strength to resist temptation. Lord, have mercy on me. I place my trust in You and depend upon your grace and mercy for my own salvation and that of my family.

Mary, Mother of God, be my salvation!

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Joyful Catholics said...

So true! I get down on myself at times,and then have to realize that that, too, becomes 'selfish' for the focus is then on "me" and not on God's mercy, His Divine Mercy, extended to me and all of us puny sinners ALL of the time! We only have to turn to Him and call out to Him. God forgive me when I try to trust in my own weak "strength" and not in You. In YOU we live and move and have our being, not in ourselves or anything or anyone else! Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy.