Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Our Lady of La Salette IX

La Salette Seer - Melanie
Melanie likewise had an unsettled life. She entered and subsequently left several convents, starting at the Sisters of Providence in Corps. At this convent Melanie was unfortunately laden with fame and acclaim due to the apparition - both of which can feed deadly pride and kill spiritual growth. Melanie was the center of attention and after some time began to tell of other "mystical experiences." Despite the grandiosity of her tales, the mistress of novices encouraged Melanie to relate them, imprudently as it turned out. The area Bishop tried to curb these stories emanating from the convent but to no avail. When it came time for Melanie to profess her solemn vows, he refused his permission. Angered by this, the seer left this convent for a community of Carmelites in England. She shortly left these sisters and returned to her native France, where she entered the Our Lady of Compassion convent in Marseille. There she trained as a teacher. Her order proceeded to send her to teach in an orphanage in Cephalonia, a tiny Greek island. Melanie returned to Marseille after two years there and hoped to publish her "secret." This effort was unsuccessful at first, but eventually she did manage to propagate her "secret" which caused a veritable explosion of controversy. Finally on May 9, 1923 the Holy Father placed Melanie's "secret" on the Index of Forbidden Books. The Church ruled that the "secret" was not authentic and not in any way connected to the apparition of Our Lady of La Salette.
Throughout this scandalous time, Melanie traversed between France and Italy, her health failing and her reputation marred. She spent the last several months of her life in Altamura Italy where she died December 14, 1904 at the age of 74.
The unsettled lives on Maximin and Melanie prove to us that the Church's approval of apparitions of Our Lady do not depend on the personal sanctity of the seers. What lessons can we draw from thier lives? We can contrast thier lives with those of many other saints and see the heroic virtues necessary for canonization are born and bred in the domestic church. Family prayer and practice of the faith are very powerful in the development of good Catholics. Lacking this childhood formation and example given by parents make God's graces more less apt to be cooperated with. Regardless of this, it is good to be able to rely on the right judgement of our Holy Church in the matters of things supernatural. Due to the approval of this apparition we can with confidence let the message of La Salette sink into our souls, we are free to honor Our Lady of La Salette, visit the site and so on due to the authority of the Magisterium, which is a great gift to us from God.
Prayer to Our Lady of La Salette
True Mother of Sorrows, the tears you shed for us on Calvary. Remember also the care you have taken to keep us faithful to Christ, your Son. Having done so much for your children, you will not now abandon us. Comforted by this consoling thought, we come to you pleading, despite our infidelities and ingratitude. Virgin of Reconciliation, do not reject our prayers, but intercede for us, obtain for us the grace to love Jesus above all else. May we console you by living a holy life and so come to share eternal life Christ gained by his cross. Amen+


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Too bad we Catholics don't here more about Our Lady of LaSalette.
I hope many read your excellent post.

I also love the way you put the political quote under "Our Times."
Good advice for all those in that building. :-)

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thanks for this post. I agree with what you wrote here.
I'm a member of the Missionaries of Our Lady of La salette.

may i get some quotes from this article and used it for my article about Our Lady?

more power to you.
Our lady bless you!