Monday, April 5, 2010

St. Germaine Cousin

Our Lady's Tears Productions first motion picture is available now for viewing. We chose to depict the life of St. Germain Cousin (more here). What is currently completed is actually a 30 minute short. We hope to be able to complete a full motion picture - if the Lord permits it and wishes to fund it. We are very grateful to RealCatholicTV for showing the film.

We are also in post production on two other projects, one is close to completion called "The Theology of Suffering" based on Pope John Paul II's Apostolic letter SALVIFICI DOLORIS, and also a short film on the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the life of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

May the Lord bless you all


Paul Anthony Melanson said...

What a tremendous gift Sanctus. May the Lord Jesus bless your project and grant it the widest distribution.

Rosette G. said...

I read about your film at Paul Melanson's blog. Although I cannot contribute financially right now, I will pray for its success. Peace & Blessing,

Rosette G.