Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prayer invoking Mary's Tears

Assist me by the wings of your prayers
O you who are called the Mother of the living,
so that on my exit from this valley of tears
I may be able to advance without torment
to the dwelling of life that has been prepared for us
to lighten the end of a life burdened by my iniquity.
Healer of the sorrows of Eve, change my day of anguish
into a feast of gladness. Be my Advocate, ask and supplicate.
For as I believe in your inexpressible purity,
so do I also believe inthe good reception that is given to your word.
O you who are blessed among women, help me with your tears
for I am in danger. Bend the knee to obtain my reconciliation, O Mother of God.
Be solicitous for me for I am miserable.

~St. Gregory of Narek (A.D. 1010)


Carlos Echevarria said...

What a beautiful prayer, thank you for posting it.

Your website is awesome, God bless you.

Michael Cole said...

I agree Carlos. I saw the link to this article at La Salette Journey and am glad that I followed it. Our Lady cries for us. When a mother cries, it is always very serious. We need to pay attention to this. God bless all!

Samantha said...

I love this prayer to obtain reconciliation. Thank you for sharing it with us. Michael, did you read Paul's post titled "Reconciliation: its meaning and value"? I like what it has to say about reconciliation manifesting itself in how we treat others.

This Blog is also exceptional. I plan on returning.