Thursday, February 7, 2008

Trip to Chicago

Posting has been sparse lately as I've been so busy with work, family and home projects! My husband and I will be leaving for Chicago tomorrow for 5 days of CME conferencing. We are planning to assist Mass at the above church, The Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica. I plan to take some pictures and will post them upon our return - that is if I can remember to charge the battery on my camera! My husband will also be enrolled in the Black scapular of Our Lady's Sorrows (I am already enrolled in this one).

I will remember each of you at the altar. May Mary's prayers go with you always. Amen+


Per Stromsjo said...

Wish you a safe trip and many photos to show us.

karyn said...

A friend at the priory where i go for Mass has some black scapulars :DDDD..finally got them! God by His grace always gives me what i need in due time.

I only hope there will be an increase in devotions to Our Lady of Sorrows.

God be with you always, and thanks so much for all the entries posted on Our Sorrowful Lady!

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

When one meets another who so obviously radiates the love of God, the heart skips a beat and the soul is filled with joy.

You are such a person Sanctus. Continue to spread that joy while drying Our Lady's tears with your little ray of sunshine dearest sister in Christ.

God loves you! Please pray for me.