Sunday, April 22, 2007

Saints Meme

From Ray at Stella Borealis Roundtable - Dear Ray has mentioned little 'ol me and asked me to write about the following:

"Those tagged for this meme will list their four favorite saints, their one favorite blessed, and one person they think should have been a saint."

Ok, so here goes:
1. St. Joan of Arc: The heroic young women was a visionary of Sts Michael, Elizabeth and Margaret, and leader of armies. Her story inspired my youth. In the 4th and 5th grade I checked every book on her out of my public elementary school library and read them voraciously. I believe her prayers and intercessions kept me from straying "too far" and ulitimately led be back into the fold. She is my primary patron saint, my heavenly sister, my model in virtue. I have been known to pour out my soul to her and she never fails to give guidance. Following my Confirmation I legally added her name to mine. I can't wait to meet her in Heaven.

2. St. Elizabeth of the Visitation: Wife of Zachary and mother of St. John the Baptist, the first one Our Lady went to see after the Incarnation. Her name is my other given middle name, now legally Elizabeth-Joan. When I was "away" in my teen years I bought her medal and wore it nearly all the time. I also believe her prayers were instrumental in my conversion. She is the patroness of my motherhood, a good and holy example and powerful intercessor.

3. St. Charles Borromeo: Born of the powerful Medici family in 1538, became a lawyer, then priest and bishop then Cardinal of Milan. He was "the force" behind the Council of Trent. He led the counter-reformation and was the principle leader second to his uncle, Pope Pius IV. One of the Church's holiest and effective reformers. I read a little summary of his life to my kids one night from our children's book of the saints and I felt an powerful drawing to him. I began a novena to him and received the swiftest and clearest response I've ever in my life received to any prayer. It is the likes of him that we need leading our Church today.

4. St. Raphael the Archangel: Beloved angel, one of the seven "who stand before the thone of the Most High" The kinda guy you want praying for you. The book of Tobit is my favorite, I never tire of reading it or hearing its stories at Mass. Raphael is the patron of nurses - which is my profession. He is also a patron to travelers, single people and of new meetings. My husband and I prayed a novena to Raphael when we were first dating and call on his intercession to this day. I frequently entrust the salvation of souls to his intercession.

5. St. Benedict: Holy, holy abbot and founder of the Benedictine order as you all know. What I love the most about him is his saavy and power against the devil and the fallen. I wear his medal always and have several around the house. I invoke him often for the dead, against evil and for healing. He is our family patron saint as well and I entrust our safety to his intercession.

Favorite Blessed: Bl. KAROLINA KÓZKÓWNA. Martyr of Purity
Born 2 August 1898 in Wal-Ruda, Poland. Murdered defending herself from an attempted rape by a Russian Soldier on 18 November 1941 in a forest outside Wal-Ruda, Poland.
Beatified 10 June 1987 at Tarnów, Poland by Pope John Paul II. Feast Day 18 November

Should be a saint: Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. Best US bishop in history, certainly the best public speaker. I get the chills when I see tapes of his old television programs. Please God raise up and give America many bishops like him!


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Great list, Sanctus Belle!

M. Alexander said...

You have a nice blog here. I especially like some of your saints' pictures on the right hand side bar. Joan of Arc- a great favorite here!

I've linked you under my subtitle Les Femmes Sinister because there is nothing more threatening that a Catholic woman to the devil.

Chris said...

I was going to make the same comment. You have a great eye for art and choose your pictures well. Also-good list of saints (and the should be saint!)