Monday, January 22, 2007

Graces Obtained

Father Frederick William Faber


Father Faber was born in Yorkshire, England in 1814. He was converted from the Anglican ministry to Catholicism in 1845. Ordained a priest in 1847, he joined the Oratorians in 1848 under John Henry Cardinal Newman. In addition to numerous fine hymns, Fr. Faber authored nine books. Fr. Faber died in London in 1863. He is considered a master of the theology of the spiritual life. (Souce: read more here)

Some of his most renown writings are on purgatory - he also had a lively devotion to Our Lady's Sorrows and wrote on that subject as well. Thus his writings are highly regarded and shall be talked about quite a bit on this blog!

As stated in earlier posts, devotion to the Sorrows of Mary have many promises or graces which will come to the soul who practices such. Father Faber in his writing enumerates other graces which are commonly obtained through devotion to Mary's Sorrows:

  • "This devotion has a remarkable connection with great inner holiness."
  • This devotion "reveals the emptiness of worldly joys. Worldliness finds no soul harder to attack than one entrenched in the sorrows of our Blessed Lady. The world can graft itself upon nothing in this devotion."
  • It give us "a permanent share in the sorrow for sin which Jesus and Mary felt."
  • Our thoughts are kept close to Jesus Christ, and to Him Crucified.
  • To our souls is communicated the "spirit of the Cross, and gives us strength to edure our own sufferings with resignation to the holy Will of God."
  • "This devotion is wholly covered with the Precious Blood of Jesus and leads us directly into the depths of the Heart of our Saviour."
  • "Anyone who during his lifetime has cherished compassion for thier afllicted Mother may consider this as a most assured sign of predistination."

(Source Devotion to the Sorrowful Mother by TAN Books)


Beloved Mother who greatly suffered, give us a courageous heart like yours.

We accept all the sufferings as God so wishes, our own and that inflicted by others.

You alone purify our suffering so that we may give glory to God and save our souls.


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