Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sword of Justice

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Last night in prayer, I was contemplating Jesus as Christ the King, seated in majesty upon His throne. I am a bit of a history buff as well as an admirer of Kings, as a result of this I have grown to have a devotion to Christ the King. In prayer, I will spiritually bow low before my Heavenly King in worship and offer to Him my prayer of awe. Last night and this morning, I imagined Christ's hand resting upon a great sword - His Sword of Justice. Make no mistake, our King is no wimp, no feminine, weak, powerless victim. Oh no, He is all powerful, all knowing - all things are in His hand. He has a right to our devotion, love and worship. We must strive to remember at all times of every word, thought and deed before Him we will give account.
Your Majesty Jesus, my Lord and King, on that terrible day I beg you, have mercy upon me a poor sinner, upon me pass a light judgment. Amen+


josef_63 said...

A beautiful picture that you have posted along with a deep and meaningful text. Often in today churches we only hear about how much Jesus loves us and He does. But people forget about His Majesty and Divine Justice! I believe this causes one to become to complacent in their relationship with our Sovereign King of Heaven and not to give Him to Love and Respect that He deserves. I love the ending prayer that you left, I am going to memorize this prayer and incorporate it into my little prayers I whisper to Jesus each day. May He Mercy upon all of us! Sweetest Jesus, be not my Judge but my Saviour! Amen. A blessed day to all who visit this site and to you for providing us with its beauty! John K.

Mairin :o) said...

Beautifully written. Thank you.