Monday, September 8, 2008

We Must Repent

Humankind must recognize the evil of abortion for what it is, a work of Satan. We cover this "procedure" with medical terminology to make it more palatable, so that we may hide from the horror of blood and dismemberment.

America in particular is faced with a clear choice. In this election, we have held before us the choice of life or death. The battle lines have been drawn. I doubt very much if the issue of the murder of our unborn children has ever been so clearly in the forefront of our nation's thoughts. Child sacrifice is clearly the dividing line between us, we must choose. I do not see any real difference between ancient times of child sacrifice and today - except today the numbers are much greater. Also our knowledge of prenatal life and development causes our culpability to increase.

"The kings of Judah have filled this place with the blood of the innocent. They have built high places for Baal to immolate their sons in fire as holocausts to Baal: such a thing as I neither commanded nor spoke of, nor did it ever enter my mind." ~Jer 19:4-5.

And what, praytell, was the judgment the Lord righteously pronounced upon the kings of Judah?

"For thus says the LORD: Indeed, I will deliver you to terror, you and all your friends. Your own eyes shall see them fall by the sword of their enemies. All Judah I will deliver to the king of Babylon, who shall take them captive to Babylon or slay them with the sword." ~Jeremiah 20:4

Are we not being delivered to terror? Does any nation who legally condones the willfull murder of the most innocent deserve to exist? Who shall be America's Babylon? And what of Canada and Europe? We who have for the most part forsaken our Christian roots and beliefs, O where has the faith of our father's gone?

We must as a nation repent, or we shall pass through the door of Christ's judgment.


Irene said...

Even if we were to repent adequately for abortion, there are many, many other sins against life, and many, many other sins that equally need repentence. Repenting abortion doesn't get us off the hook for the remainder.

Your remarks are OK as far as they go, it's simply that they imply that abortion is our only sin, or at least our greatest sin.

Sanctus Belle said...

I do believe abortion is our society's greatest sin, but this is for God to judge. If you read the bible exerpts contrasting child sacrifice in the ancient world, there is not much difference today. God disapproved then, and does now.

You are right, there are many, many atrocious sins that need repenting - but the slaughter of the innocents, I can't imagine a greater societal sin.

Irene said...

I find it difficult to decide which of the sins against life is worst -- killing children, killing adults, killing the elderly. And we have so many ingenious ways of doing it!

Then there are the sins against family....

I'm glad someone else got appointed to the job of Judge.

Irene said...

Oh, and I forgot.

It doesn't decrease the sin of slaughtering them, but one of my pet peeves is the "innocence" of children. They are anything but. And you don't have to tell me they are cute (at least up until puberty) -- they are, but that still doesn't make them "innocent".

Sanctus Belle said...

New American Dictionary;


ADJECTIVE: 1. Uncorrupted by evil, malice, or wrongdoing; sinless: an innocent child. 2a. Not guilty of a specific crime or offense; legally blameless: was innocent of all charges. b. Within, allowed by, or sanctioned by the law; lawful. 3a. Not dangerous or harmful; innocuous: an innocent prank. b. Candid; straightforward: a child's innocent stare. 4a. Not experienced or worldly; naive. b. Betraying or suggesting no deception or guile; artless. 5a. Not exposed to or familiar with something specified; ignorant: American tourists wholly innocent of French. b. Unaware: She remained innocent of the complications she had caused. 6. Lacking, deprived, or devoid of something: a novel innocent of literary merit.
NOUN: 1. A person, especially a child, who is free of evil or sin. 2. A simple, guileless, inexperienced, or unsophisticated person. 3. A very young child.

Aside from original sin, which they only inherited, and did not merit by their own sin, the unborn cannot purposefully sin, and so they are rightly called INNOCENT.

Children can lose their innocence through sin and scandal, of course, but they are born innocent. In the visions of St. John Bosco, he tells of stories related to him by saints regarding innocence as well as how a soul may retain their innocence. Also, St. Bernadette was said to have "retained her baptismal innocence in all its purity throughout her life."

Irene said...

sanctus belle --

Of course you are perfectly correct on many points.

But there is another perspective for us to think about. As you said, children do have original sin. Furthermore, if they are indeed human (isn't that what you believe?) then they can purpose, and if they can purpose, they can sin.

Irrespective of that rather speculative point, I really was referring to children just a bit older than newborn. We often refer to children (at least preschool, if not later) "innocent". But in medically observable fact, they are nasty, greedy, and vicious animals who develop a veneer of civilization only later as they mature. I've known many convicts in my lifetime, but few if any as vicious as the garden-variety 4 year old.

So that's my gripe -- the overly romanticized rose-colored and thoroughly unrealistic view of children. There is every reason in the world for a child to have to confess before his/her first communion.

swissmiss said...

While I'm not going to debate which sin is the worst, I do agree with you about the parallels to the OT and child sacrifice. Then you read about what happened to those people and it is sobering for our times.