Thursday, May 22, 2008

Saint Winifred II

Notice the bloody line around her neck in most of them.
St. Winifred ~ Ora pro nobis!


swissmiss said...

I really like the art nouveau stained glass of St. Winifred. Winifred is a big family name on my mother's side, but has fallen out of favor. My family stopped using it about a generation ago and I can't say that it was one of the names I considered for my daughter :)

Mary in Monmouth said...

Hi Sanctus-from Mary in Monmouth

I am planning to visit St Gwenfrewi's Well on the weekend. I am also hoping to see Gwytherin-where she was born and originally buried and where she was abbess of the clas monastery there. There is only an Anglican church there now from the nineteenth century replacing the earlier one. Returning we will visit St Aasaph's Cathedral. We are staying with the Bridgettines. I am planning some blogs on it and also a podcast of my impressions under MaryinMonmouth-free from iTunes. Finally there will be some pictures. Of course , if it snows we will be stuck of course as Gwytherin is right in the mountains.On Sunday morning at 11 is a Traditional Tridentine Mass at the Shrine Chapel, which I also hope to record for everyone!

Anyway hope you are blessed as I will be.Mother Julia at Ave Maria House will be pleased to offer accommodation to anyone visiting the Shrine. Always strange as I was named Winifred as a baby and did not like the name as it was Old Fashioned, and yet- I was received into the Catholic Church at a church called 'St Winifride', who remains one of the three great saints of Wales, who has responded to so many Faithful who have wanted healing at the shrine-which is a beautiful mediaeval building.