Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Purgatory Interview II

Sr. Emmanuel with Maria Simma:
Question: Can you tell us how you were visited for the first time by a soul in Purgatory?
Answer: Yes, it was in 1940. One night, around 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning, I heard someone coming into my bedroom... I saw a complete stranger. He walked back and forth slowly. I said to him severely: "How did you get in here? Go away!" But he continued to walk impatiently around the bedroom as if he hadn't heard. So I asked him again: "What are you doing?" But as he still didn't answer, I jumped out of bed and tried to grab him, but I grasped only air. There was nothing there. So I went back to bed, but again I heard him pacing back and forth.
I wondered how I could see this man, but I couldn't grab him. I rose again to hold onto him and to stop him from walking around; again, I grasped only emptiness. Puzzled, I went back to bed. He didn't come back, but I couldn't get back to sleep. The next day, after Mass, I went to see my spiritual director and told him everything. He told me that if this should happen again, I shouldn't ask, "Who are you?" but "What do you want from me?"
The following night, the man returned. I asked him: "What do you want from me?" He replied: "Have three Masses celebrated for me, and I will be delivered."
So I understood that it was a soul in Purgatory. My spiritual director confirmed this. He also advised me never to turn away the poor souls, but to accept with generosity whatever they asked of me.
Question: And afterwards, the visits continued?
Answer: Yes. For several years, there were only three or four souls, above all in November. Afterwards, there were more.
Question: What do these souls ask of you?
Answer: In most cases, they ask to have Masses celebrated and that one be present at these Masses. They ask to have the Rosary said and also that one make the Stations of the Cross.
(source: The Amazing Secret of the Souls in Purgatory, published by Queenship Publishing Co)
More to come in subsequent posts!


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for posting about this book. I read it a while ago and found it very interesting, it was about the time my Mum died and this book helped a lot. Your blog is wonderful, I check it out at least twice a day, keep up the good work.

swissmiss said...

My father had an incredible devotion to the Poor Souls and was once visited by one as he was praying the rosary. He was aware of a (female) presence that moved towards him and without any physical touch, he felt a "hug" that was so full of love and gratitude that he said it was suffocating.

Sanctus Belle said...

That is such a beautiful story! I'd love to hear more! If you post on it let me know and I'll link to it here...

swissmiss said...

I almost didn't leave that comment and then when I did type it I almost left it anonymously (the first time I would've ever left an anonymous comment) since it's one of those things the many people would think is bunk. My father was a tough cookie, ex-military, but also had a very long devotion to Our Lady. He had been a 3rd Order Carmelite for decades and said the rosary and daily office. This experience was after decades of fidelity to Our Lady and the Poor Souls. He had two experiences, one was just an awareness of a presence and the other that I mentioned above. Maybe I'll post about it soon, but there isn't much more to add.

swissmiss said...

I did a post. Unfortunately, not much more to add than I had in my comments to your post.